Connecting to Your Nissan Bluetooth

connectbluetoothNissan is making it easier and more convenient to stay hands-free while on the road. The Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System is available on all Nissan models. With features like voice recognition and steering wheel controls, Nissans Bluetooth system gives you full access while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. 

The first step is connecting your phone. Watch Tischer’s Bluetooth Pairing Demo video . In the video, Marshall demonstrates step by step instructions. Go to your phone Settings and choose Bluetooth, then hit the Voice Command button on your Nissan steering wheel and wait while the system searches for your device. Choose ‘Add Phone’. As the system searches for your phone, watch for ‘My Car’ to show up under your Bluetooth settings on your handheld device. Tap ‘My Car’ to start the pairing process. Confirm that the pin numbers on the car and the phone match and tap ‘OK.’ Your phone is now connected and can be used hands-free.

Once your phone is connected you can choose to allow the car to have access to your contacts, phone log and text messaging. This will enable you to make phone calls to contacts in your phonebook using the voice command. Another benefit is listening to and responding to your text messages and emails via the voice command. Total connectivity and still hands-free.

Audio playback is another feature of Nissan’s Bluetooth system, jam to your favorite tunes! Connect your phone or mp3 player to play music through the vehicle’s audio system. You connect the device the same way using ‘Add Phone’. Once the device is paired, push the AUX button on the screen until the Bluetooth Audio mode is displayed. You can control the music by using the vehicle’s audio controls or the controls on the handheld device.

Connecting your device is quick and straightforward. We briefly explained some of the key features of Nissan’s Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System. Check your owner’s manual for all the available features and how to use them for a safe and hands-free ride.