Connecting to Your Acura Bluetooth

ximmSafety is a top priority with Acura and offers HandsFreeLink Bluetooth connectivity standard on all their vehicles. HandsFreeLink works with a large variety of Bluetooth capable phones and can be paired with up to six different devices. With features like steering wheel controls and voice recognition, Acura makes it easier for you to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, so you never miss another call.

Watch Tischer’s Bluetooth Pairing Demo video and see how easy and convenient it is to pair your device to your new Acura. In the video, Mike takes you step by step through the pairing process as he demonstrates on the 2016 Acura TLX. The first step is to turn Bluetooth on through your settings menu on your phone. Touch, the phone button on your dashboard controls, to begin the pairing process. On the touchscreen, you will be asked ‘Would you like to add a phone now.’ Use the toggle to choose yes and press enter. You will then be prompted to confirm that Bluetooth setting is turned on your phone, press enter. The vehicle will start the searching process as it looks for your phone. When the search is complete, and you see your device name on the touchscreen, press enter. You will be prompted to confirm that the pin number on your phone and the touchscreen match and then press pair on your device. HandsFreeLink will appear under your Bluetooth menu on your phone. Wait for the confirmation that pairing has been successful and you are ready to begin hands-free use.

Now that your phone is paired, there are other options to take full advantage of the hand’s free system. Operating your Bluetooth connectivity can be done via your phone controls located on the steering wheel and under the touchscreen, the touchscreen multi-use display and voice recognition. You can import your contacts from your phone and program up to 20 numbers with a unique voice tag in Speed Dialing. Receiving and replying to text messages and emails via voice recognition keep you in the loop and safe on the roads.

Keep in mind that using your handheld device while driving is not only illegal in most states but is a dangerous driving habit. Acura makes it quick and simple to connect your Bluetooth enabled the phone to provide you with the safest driving conditions. We touched on a few of the key features of Acura’s HandsFreeLink system, check your owner’s manual for all the available features and detailed instructions.