4 Ways the Acura RDX Beats the Competition

2015 Acura RDX

For drivers who are in the market for a small- to medium-sized SUV, there’s a lot of competition in this particular segment. We think the Acura RDX is a great contender in its class for today’s modern customer. To help illustrate this point, we’ll compare four areas–cost, comfort and convenience, power, and space–for the 2015 Acura RDX versus the 2015 Lexus RX 350 FWD and the 2015 BMW X3 xDrive 28. [source]


Price is one of the major influences on whether or not a customer will commit to buying a certain vehicle. But sticker price isn’t the only cost when it comes to cars. There’s fuel economy and value-over- time to consider, not to mention regular maintenance and service. Fortunately, the RDX is a little more cost-effective than the aforementioned models:

1. The RDX has a lower base MSRP and destination charge than either the Lexus or the BMW.

2. The RDX has better city, highway, and combined mpg than the Lexus.

3. The RDX has a better powertrain warranty (months and miles) than the BMW.

4. When it comes to ALG residual value, meaning a vehicle’s ability to hold value over time until resale, the RDX has a better residual value over both a 36- and 60-month period than the BMW. (The Lexus and RDX have the same residual value.) In fact, according to the Acura website, “Acura as a whole currently holds the ALG Residual Value Award for Overall Luxury Brand. Acura has previously earned this honor in 2009 and 2010 and has never ranked below 2nd place for the past five years.”

Comfort and Convenience

Considering that the vehicles we are comparing are luxury models, car shoppers will naturally expect a high level of physical comfort and convenient features that will make driving the car enjoyable and easy. When it comes to comfort and convenience, all three models offer many amenities. There are a few details, however, that should be noted:

1. The RDX comes with a standard moonroof which is optional for the other two competitor trims.

2. A rearview camera is standard on the RDX, but again, optional for the other two competitor trims.

3. Another standard feature on the RDX, which is optional for the other two models, is heated front seats.

4. Satellite radio is standard with the RDX, but optional for the BMW.

5. A push-button start ignition is standard on the RDX and only optional on the BMW.


If you like your car to not only look sophisticated on the outside, but also have a little “oomph” on the inside, here are a few items of note about the Acura RDX:

1. The RDX has a 6-cylinder engine, compared to the 4-cyclinder of the BMW.

2. When looking at horsepower and torque, the RDX is better in both of these areas compared to the Lexus and the BMW.


If you’re considering a more mid-sized SUV, you’re obviously not going to have as much cargo capacity as a truck or interior space as a minivan. That said, interior and cargo space definitely have an impact on purchasing decisions. Having plenty of space means ease of access when moving within the vehicle, while also being able to bring your life with you on-the-go. Here’s what we can tell you about the Acura RDX when it comes to providing drivers with the space they need for their lifestyle:

1. The RDX has a higher max and total cargo volume than the BMW and a higher passenger volume than the Lexus.

2. The RDX has better rear headroom than the Lexus, better front legroom than the BMW, and better rear legroom and front shoulder room than both competitors.


While exploring the four areas of price, comfort and convenience, power, and space, we’ve given you 13 different ways the 2015 Acura RDX stands out among its highly-respected competitors. While 13 might be a superstitious number for some folks, we think 13 just might be a lucky number for today’s car owners who want a luxurious vehicle they can feel happy about owning!

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