Advantages of Keeping Your Car in a Garage

garagekeptThere are many advantages to keeping your car in a garage. However, the majority of people who have a garage don’t use it to house their car.   We’re going to share some of the benefits to storing your car away in your garage, and we think that you might want to do just that!   Your garage can:

  1. Provide Safety. A garage will keep your vehicles out of sight and locked away from thieves. This not only keeps your car itself safe from thieves/vandals, it also provides protection for any belongings you keep in your car. If you live alone or in an area where safety may be a concern, entering and exiting your car through a garage will make you feel safer. Although accidents involving parked cars aren’t as common as moving-vehicle accidents, your garage will provide your parked car with safety from being hit.
  2. Provide Protection from Weather. A garage will protect your car no matter what season by keeping your car away from the outdoor elements. Just consider the affects hot summer rays over a prolonged period of time can have on the interior and exterior of your car.  Of course, the winter season brings snow and ice, and the fall and the spring bring lots of rain and storms.  Luckily, having and using your garage for car storage will limit the exposure to everyday elements.  Additionally, it will protect from extreme conditions, like hail or falling trees, which can significantly damage the exterior of your car.
  3. Provide the Gift of Convenience. Convenience is a huge advantage to using a garage. In the hot months, a car kept in a garage is significantly cooler. Can you imagine–no more sitting on a hot seat? The same goes for the winter months because a car kept inside will be warmer, so there will be time saved not having to warm it up. And let’s not forget the time wasted on cleaning the snow and/or ice off your car. In a garage your car is ready to go, so all you need to do is just start and drive.

So, if you’re not currently using your garage to house your car, you will need to clean it out to make room for what it was meant for–your vehicle!   We know that you will love the advantages and conveniences garage use will bring to your life, plus the added protection it brings to one of your most valuable investments!

Once you’ve cleaned the garage to produce room, why not take a swing by the dealership to see what a great inventory Tischer has to offer?  Or, for your convenience, go to and find something new to fill that space!