Fantastic Road Trips in your Nissan/Acura – First in a weekly series

roadtripWorking within today’s ever-changing world, it’s easy to lose sight of the nature, beauty, and culture around you.  Have you ever considered just hopping into your vehicle and taking a quick or extended road trip to renew your spirit, commitment and passion?  Or have you considered a road trip but have no idea where or which direction to go?  In the first part of a ten-week series, we’re going to explore some ideas for road trips within 25 miles of Laurel, Maryland.  So snap on your seat belt and away we go! Continue reading

Explore Nissan’s GT Academy

gtacademyAre you an expert video gamer? Ever wish you could turn it into a career? Nissan’s GT Academy does just that. Nissan and Playstation together run the virtual-to-reality contest GT Academy which provides Gran Turismo players the opportunity to become a real life race car driver. The contest was created in 2008 and is comprised of four phases. Let’s explore what it takes to make dreams come true! Continue reading

Tips for Waxing Your Car

carwaxingDid you know that experts recommend waxing your car every three months? Pollution from the air and roads and other environmental factors can damage your exterior but frequent waxing can add some protection against these unavoidable elements. Regular waxing will prolong the life of the paint by providing UV protection and some scratch resistance. It will also help your car stay cleaner in between washes. Follow these tips on how to wax a car: Continue reading

Uber Safety

ubersafetyUber has become the main alternative to a taxi cab, and it’s very popular with the younger crowd. For those not familiar with Uber, it is a taxi mobile app that allows users to arrange a ride from a local driver. What makes Uber and other transportation apps so popular is the ease of use and cost effectiveness. An added bonus is the credit card payment process through the app. Uber is available in hundreds of cities and any adult can sign up to be a driver. All drivers are subject to criminal background and driving record checks. However, since your protection is the priority, we’ve listed some options to ensure that you get to where you need to go safely and securely. Continue reading

Memorable Cars From the Big Screen

moviecarsOur love of cars starts way before we’re old enough for a driver’s license. Over the years we see our dream cars in movies and on television screens with hopes of owning one someday. Furthermore, sometimes the star of the movie doesn’t end up being the movie star, it’s the car. Here is our list, in no particular order, of some of the most memorable cars in movie history. Continue reading