Auto Armor Protective Products

autoarmorWhen you buy a new car, you want to protect your investment and keep it looking like new as long as possible. Auto Armor helps you do just that. Auto Armor offers numerous products and protection plans to protect your vehicle.

Auto Armor Entire Car Protection or ECP is a polarized, protective finish that is applied at the car dealership or body shop. This high-performance protective layer protects your vehicle’s paint coat from damage due to weather and the environment. Auto Armor ECP protects your exterior finish from fading, chalking and loss of gloss due to weather along with environmental damage caused by acid rain, bugs and insects, ocean spray and hard water, and the sun’s harsh UV rays. Although the clear coat your car has is a protective finish, Auto Armor ECP is an added layer of durability. This protection plan is available for new and pre-owned vehicles. The term of coverage varies depending on the vehicle year but can provide protection up to seven years.

Auto Armor Interior Protection System protects the interior of your car from damage. Products are applied to the interior surfaces of the vehicle. The upholstery protection provides resistance against everyday stains such as coffee, mud, food, etc. and prevents discoloration. Spills bead up and are easily blotted away with a cloth. The dashboard protection prevents cracking and warping. The Interior Protection System promotes a longer life to your new or pre-owned vehicle. The term of coverage is 3, 5 or 7 years.

Auto Armor Entire Car Protection also offers Corrosion Protection and Sound Shield. These protective products are applied to the underbody of the vehicle. The Corrosion Protection provides a resistant barrier blocking the damage that can be done by road salt, dirt, and sand. The Sound Shield protects against chipping, peeling and cracking and provides a sound barrier for a quieter ride. Available on new and pre-owned vehicles, this protection lasts up to 10 years.

Keep your car in showroom ready condition and maintain the top value of your investment. Talk to your salesperson and see which Auto Armor protection plan is right for you. To see for yourself just how amazing this product is, check out this demonstration by Steve and Mike at Tischer: