How To Know – Is It Better to Buy a New Car or Keep Your Old Car


Not sure if it’s time for a car purchase?   Many factors must be considered before you make the decision that it’s time.   We wonder – is it better to buy that shiny new car (who doesn’t love new car smell?) or should I squeeze a few more miles out of the old one?  Since there’s so much to consider, we’ve outlined the most important factors below.  Hopefully, this will help to make your decision an easier one!

  • Safety is the number one priority. If you feel unsafe in your current vehicle, it is time for a new car. Safety features are constantly changing and improving. For instance, airbags have been a standard safety requirement on cars since 1989; but in the last 10 years alone, manufacturers have added side, curtain, and center airbags, making cars even safer. Other safety features continue to evolve as well. If you are concerned about whether or not you will arrive at your destination safely on a regular basis, it is time to upgrade.
  • Aside from safety, there are maintenance and repair costs that can affect your decision. When these costs start to outweigh the actual value of the vehicle, it is time to consider purchasing a new vehicle. Keep in mind when comparing the costs of maintaining an old car versus purchasing a new one that the insurance costs are typically higher on newer vehicles. An unreliable car can cost you more than just money—for example, if you are consistently late because you have car trouble, this could affect your job and your personal life.
  • Fuel efficiency has become more and more important over the years with the rise in gas prices. If you have a long daily commute and you’re driving a vehicle that has poor fuel efficiency, the monthly payment of a newer and more fuel-efficient car may outweigh your current monthly gas expense. Car manufacturers have improved fuel efficiency to the point that some cars are capable of getting 40 to 50 miles per gallon. This is more than double the miles per gallon of vehicles with poor fuel efficiency. Over time, this savings in gas can really add up, not to mention that the more fuel-efficient vehicles are easier on the environment!
  • Sometimes the decision to buy a new car boils down to a change in lifestyle. If you drive a sporty two-seater and you are expecting an addition to your family, it’s time for a bigger model. Same goes if you’re still driving the family minivan and the kids are grown–maybe you want to go back to the sporty two-seater!   Other changes in your life that should be considered before deciding if now is the time for a vehicle purchase are getting married, buying a house, a job change, a change in the length of commute and/or changing financial status.

Whether you have just started considering a vehicle purchase or you’ve been pondering the idea for some time, weigh out all your options and make a strong, sound decision. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of that favorite car you’re so used to but before you know it, you’ll have a new favorite.

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