Car Buying Myths to Avoid

carbuymythsThere are many misconceptions about the car buying process. If you’re in the market for a new car, do yourself a favor and go to the dealership prepared. Spend some time researching before you head to the dealership. Narrow down your search and choose cars that best suit your needs and budget. Furthermore, learn the market in your area and what you should realistically expect to pay. And don’t fall prey to these car buying myths.

Rainy days mean better deals. Many people think a rainy day means you’ll get a better deal. This myth comes from the thought that the dealership will be empty because no one wants to walk around a lot or test drive in the rain. In fact, the dealership is busy because people believe this myth. Dealerships need to sell cars whether it’s rainy or sunny and chances are the deal will be the same no matter what the weather is outside.

You can trick the salesperson. We’ve all tried it at some point or another, pretending we’re going to walk out because we know the salesmen don’t want us to leave or revealing a last minute trade-in thinking it will get us a better deal. Remember the dealerships and salespeople have seen it all. You’re not going to trick them and your deal most likely will not change. Keep in mind, trading in your car is simple and easy but for the most money, try selling it yourself.

Good deals won’t last forever. Chances are the deal of the century will still be there a week later. Don’t get tricked into buying a car before you’re ready because you’re going to miss out on a deal. Unless you’re purchasing a vehicle that is in limited supply, a week or so shouldn’t make a difference. Dealer incentives are ever changing but when one incentive or sale ends, another one is right behind it. Many people think the end of the month is the best time to buy a car

Show up to the dealership looking like a hobo. Dress down and the dealership will give you a better deal because you look like you can’t afford it – one of the oldest tricks in the book. The salespeople want to sell you a car, it doesn’t matter whether you are dressed in designer jeans or wearing worn out sweatpants. It all comes down to your credit report and not what you look like.

You’ll get a better deal if you pay cash. Paying cash may be a better deal for you but it’s not a better deal for the dealership and won’t affect the price of the car. Dealerships have deals with financial institutions and typically make a little more when you finance your car versus paying cash.

Your best defense when buying a new car is to be well informed. For a smooth transaction, let the dealership know you are a serious, responsible buyer interested in doing business with them. Come see us for a hassle free buying experience, check out our inventory now at