Five Automotive Magazines You Must Check Out!


Looking for a good automotive magazine subscription? Check out these five automotive magazines. Whether you are into fast cars, hot rods, vintage collectables, or just looking to buy a new car, there’s something for everyone!

  1. Car and Driver
    Calling all automotive enthusiasts–Car and Driver is the magazine for you! It is one of the top automotive publications and has been covering the auto industry for over 60 years. Car and Driver covers both foreign and domestic vehicles including cars, pickup trucks, vans and SUVs. Car and Driver staff does extensive testing to provide the reader with ‘tell it like it is’ reviews where writers are not afraid to point out the underachievers. In addition, Car and Driver has the latest in automotive news, motor sports, the newest technology developments and cutting edge reviews. Car and Driver is a monthly publication with 12 issues/year. To subscribe to Car and Driver, click here:
  1. Motor Trend
    A trusted resource of the automotive industry for over 50 years, Motor Trend is for the car fanatic. The magazine covers both foreign and domestic automobiles and performs thorough road testing to provide its readers with reviews of featured vehicles and multi-car comparisons in every issue. Motor Trend has a monthly feature called ‘Trend’ which provides the reader with all the newest happenings in the car industry, as well as information on future and upcoming models. From auto shows and motor sports to interviews and automotive products, Motor Trend gives the subscriber all of this, plus one special monthly feature in each issue. It is a monthly publication with 12 issues/year. To subscribe to Motor Trend, simply click here:
  1. Hot Rod
    Hot Rod magazine has been in circulation for over 60 years and is the oldest publication dedicated to hot rodding. The magazine centers on high performance and personalized hot rods, street rods, and muscle cars. Hot Rod provides technical how-to tips on restoration, engine build-ups, maintenance, paint, graphics and performance. Readers are also treated to industry commentary. If you like big engines and big tires, you’ll love Hot Rod! It is a monthly publication with 12 issues/year. To subscribe to Hot Rod:
  1. Road & Track
    One of the oldest automotive publications still in circulation is Road & Track; its first issue debuted in 1947. The magazine covers both foreign and domestic production automobiles and also includes race cars and race coverage, with race car drivers often contributing to the magazine. Road & Track focuses on high performance and reports on aerodynamics, suspension, and powerful engines. You will find road test reviews on a wide array of cars from new and eccentric to vintage. Road & Track also provides equipment reviews and maintenance tips. If you like powerful cars, this is the magazine for you! R&T publishes 10 issues/year. To subscribe to R&T, get started by clicking here:
  1. Automobile
    Automobile’s ‘No Boring Cars’ motto makes this the magazine for people who have a passion for cars. Automobile considers itself more of a lifestyle magazine than an auto publication. This magazine’s reports, which include road tests and reviews, are more subjective rather than based on technical data. Turn the pages and you will find new, old, and even vintage cars with a comprehensive buyer’s guide in each issue. Automobile provides a broad range of information including car collector tips, history of the car business and industry news. Automobile is a monthly publication with 12 issues/year. To subscribe to Automobile:

Do you have any go-to magazines for vehicles that we haven’t listed here? Please let us know in the comments below or send us a post on our Facebook page.

Six Tips for Traveling with Pets


Summer is here and for many of us, it’s vacation time! More and more pet owners are choosing to include their pets on their family vacation. As we all know, family vacations can be stressful undertakings, but adding your fur-babies to the mix has the potential to create complete chaos. So, if you’re planning on hitting the road with your pet, here are a few tips to help you to keep your pet safe and your vacation as stress free as possible:

  1. Keep your pet secured
    Keep everyone safe by using some type of restraining system for your pet. This may involve a pet carrier/crate, a pet seatbelt restraining system or bedding restraint. According to AAA, 30,000 accidents a year are caused by unrestrained pets wandering in the vehicle. Securing your pet creates less distraction for the driver. For their safety and because it is the law in many states, it is also best to keep your pet secured somewhere other than the front seat as this will keep them safe from air bag harm in the event of an accident.
  1. Don’t leave your pet in the car
    Your pet should never be left in a car, especially in the warm summer months, when it can be life-threatening. For example, an 85 degree outside temperature can climb to 110 degrees inside a car within 10 minutes, causing organ damage and/or death to any pets trapped inside. It is now illegal in many states to leave a pet unattended in a car, and it is now legal in many states for bystanders to break windows/doors in an attempt to release animals trapped in a hot car.
  1. Make frequent stops
    Allow for frequent stops when traveling with your pet. Plan to stop every two to three hours for a bathroom break, meal time, and to get some exercise. Always have your pet’s collar, tags and leash so that he/she can’t wander off, and remember that your pet is not familiar with the area and shouldn’t be left unattended.
  1. Don’t allow your pet to hang out the window
    If you choose to travel without securing your pet (a practice we highly discourage), don’t let he/she hang out the window. As much as dogs love the cool breeze blowing on their face, it is not a safe way to travel because it puts them at risk for injury from debris, ear damage, and/or lung infection.  In addition to the risks that come from hanging out the window, pets should never travel in the back of a pickup truck because this practice could lead to overheating or ejection from the truck. All of #4 can be avoided by following Tip #1 above and securing your pet for everyone’s safety!
  1. Hydrate
    Be sure to bring plenty of cold water with you to keep your pet hydrated. Don’t count on using tap water from places you stop, because your pet could end up with a bacterial infection. The ASCPA recommends bringing a gallon of water with you, and depending on the length of your trip, you may need to adjust that amount accordingly.
  1. Test run
    If your pet is not used to being in the car, take short rides with he/she regularly before your trip. This will allow he/she to become familiar with the motion and hopefully lessen the chance of nausea.

Traveling with your pet doesn’t have to be stressful. If you plan ahead and follow the tips above, car travel can be a breeze. Once you arrive at your destination, take your pet on a long, well-deserved walk and enjoy your vacation. And last but not least…always remember to have your car serviced/checked before embarking on a long road trip. Click here to schedule any needed service at Ticher.

Creating a Memorable Car-Purchase Experience – It All Begins with the Salesperson


Whether you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, you are spending your hard-earned money and you will want to have a good experience doing so.   We at Tischer Auto take pride in providing the ultimate sales/buying experience. Our knowledgeable sales professionals are charged with ensuring a memorable experience that builds a lasting relationship with our customers. How do we do it? By guaranteeing that certain tenets of business and sales methods are followed:

  • Attitude – this, folks, is everything! From the minute you enter the dealership to the moment you drive off the lot in your car – the attitude of those with whom you deal will make or break your car-purchase experience. Car Sales Professional says that the best salespeople have, “…a positive attitude regarding the car business, the dealership where they work and the product that they sell… Face it; how good can you be if you don’t believe in your product, your dealership and your profession?” They go on to state that, “…most customers have a sixth sense and they can sense things that you can’t hide. A poor attitude comes out in variety of different ways regardless of your words.” Car buyers should expect to deal with a professional wishing to create a lasting business relationship, instead of a person just wanting to close a sale.
  • Knowledgethis is one of those things that can’t be faked. A salesperson’s knowledge of his/her product(s) comes through as soon as a conversation is started or questions are asked. Your salesperson should know at least the basics about the vehicle in which you are interested. For example, he/she should know the answers to questions such as, “what size is the engine?” And “how does this car stack up against its peers?” without having to say, “I’ll have to get back to you on that” or checking out an info sheet, a card, or a script.
  • Listening skills – your salesperson should ask you probing questions in order to glean information on exactly what you’re looking for in a vehicle. Then, he/she MUST listen carefully to your responses, even taking notes, so that he/she can zero in on the right car for you. And, no, this does not include the question, “How much do you want your loan payment to be per month?” Your answer to that question should always be something like, “You let me worry about that, I need you to find me the right car and the right deal.” A sales professional should ask you questions like, “How will you be using this car?” so that he/she can determine if an SUV, a crossover, a sedan or coupe will be appropriate for you; “Are you more interested in saving on gas or in comfort for long trips?” so that he/she can determine what options/upgrades you may be interested in; and finally, “What is your price range?” so that he/she can keep the sales experience within your budget and not reach for vehicles above (or below) your price limits. Listening is KEY to the overall sales relationship – and you should expect your sales professional to listen to your requirements/constraints and respond to them accordingly. Business Insider says that your salesperson should listen more than he/she speaks. So if you find that your salesperson is talking, talking, talking, understand that this person is not listening to you.
  • Customer Care – this includes a focus on building a long-lasting relationship, not being pushy to get a sale. A minimum expectation of your sales professional is that he/she not push you into something that isn’t right for you either budget-wise or vehicle-wise. This person should take everything you’ve discussed and put it all together to create a tailored sales experience. After all, you’re spending your hard-earned money and your valuable time with him/her in order to purchase a vehicle that will more than meet your needs.
  • Negotiation Skills – this includes the ability to know when to back off. For example, a good negotiator is not going to keep pitching to you when he/she senses that you are done for the day. It’s possible, in fact it happens all the time, for your salesperson to know that you’ve got to take a break, go home and discuss the options of your purchase with your family/significant other and come back another day. Back in the day, salespeople were told not to let any “fish on the hook” to leave or they would lose the deal. That is simply not the case today. Today, with so much information at our fingertips, it’s more than possible for a customer to leave, sleep on it, and come back with a decent counteroffer that they and the salesperson can live with. So if your salesperson seems desperate not to let you leave without closing the deal, leave and consider another dealership. This is better than caving to someone against your intuitions and having buyer’s remorse.

At Tischer, we have built our reputation on the life-long relationships we have with our customers. We also hire salespeople with the above tenets in mind. Because at the end of the day, it’s not the sale that makes our dealership one of the top in the area, it’s our quality family of employees who make Tischer a successful dealership that our customers are loyal to and recommend to their friends.

Are you in the market for a new or pre-owned car? Come on down to Tischer Auto and we will show you how a tailored sales experience is done! We look forward to seeing you soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

6 Dangerous Driving Habits to Break


Did you know that automobile accidents are consistently one of the top ten causes of death year after year? In fact, approximately 35,000 people die each year from automotive accidents where the driver is at fault. But what if we could change this?

This week we are going to talk about some dangerous driving habits that, if eliminated, could drastically reduce your chance of being involved in a preventable automobile accident. Take a look below and keep an inventory of how many of these bad habit you, or your loved ones, needs to break.

1. Alcohol
Driving under the influence accounts for approximately one third of all automotive accident deaths in the U.S. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says this represents an average of one alcohol impaired driving fatality every 51 minutes. Yikes! Use common sense and if you or the driver you are with has been drinking, call a taxi or friend to come get you. Even better, plan ahead and have a designated driver.

2. Distracted Driving
Distracted driving is increasingly getting worse, we see it everyday on our roads. Eating, applying makeup and/or shaving used to be the most common concerns, but with the progression in technology we now face other challenges. Texting, talking on the phone and listen to music are all major distraction that take our eyes off the road and our minds off driving. State legislators and large corporations have tried to lessen this problem by putting laws into effect and running marketing campaigns, but the problem still exists. We are making progress; fourteen states have banned handheld cell phone use and an astonishing 46 states have banned text messaging while driving, but we still need more drivers to make the commitment to not do these things when driving. It may sound cliche, but it can wait!

3. Speeding
According to the NHTSA, speeding is the second major contributing factor in traffic fatalities. The greater the speed, the longer it takes to stop the car and potentially avoid an accident. Speed limit signs are posted for a reason and represent the safe speed for that road. Just as speeding is dangerous so can be driving too slow. To be safe, take note of the posted speed limit and adjust your speed accordingly.

4. Drowsy Driving
Driving while tired can be as dangerous as drunk driving. The NHTSA estimates that drowsy driving causes 100,000 accidents a year. Being tired can cause poor judgment and slower reaction time and if you fall asleep at the wheel there is no reaction at all. If you notice your eyelids getting heavy, your head nodding or you’re doing things like rolling down the window or turning up the radio to stay awake, pull over and take a rest, it could save your life and the lives of others!

5. Weather Conditions
You’re best bet for avoiding an accident in bad weather is to stay off the roads. However, if that is not an option, make adjustments according to the conditions. The NHTSA estimates that 24% of vehicle crashes are weather related. When roads are slippery and wet, drive slower and leave a greater distance between you and the car in front of you. Again, these are common sense recommendations, but it never hurts to cover them again.

6. Not Wearing a Seat Belt
Wearing a seat belt saves lives, period. According to the NHTSA, seat belts saved the lives of over 12,000 people in 2012 alone. All states have laws requiring minors to wear seat belts and all states except New Hampshire require adults to wear them as well. This is a simple way to avoid injury or death, click it and make sure your occupants do too.

Doing your part as a safe and attentive driver can help you avoid an accident. Unfortunately car accidents will never be eliminated 100% but you can reduce your chances by being responsible and focusing solely on driving while you are behind the wheel. Don’t leave your safety and the safety of others to chance, break these dangerous driving habits while you can.

Get Your Vehicle Ready for the Summer Heat – 7 Major Causes of Vehicle Breakdowns


It’s almost that time of year again; you know the one–the one where it’s so hot outside that you literally melt just walking to your car! Although we really do love the summer, the heat can be grueling and can cause your vehicle to be susceptible to a breakdown.

So, while some folks can take or leave the heat, one thing that is often overlooked is the affect heat (and drastic temperature in general) can have on a vehicle. As temperatures rise, so does the risk of a costly breakdown of your vehicle. Since we all want to avoid this scenario, we want to share with you the major causes of vehicle breakdowns related to summer’s heat. Take a look:

Cause # 1: Insufficient Coolant

When the temperature warning light goes on, you may be low on coolant. After the car cools, check the coolant and fill to the proper level with a 50/50 mixture.

Cause #2: Dirty or Rusty Coolant

It’s time to flush the cooling system. You can either do this yourself of bring your vehicle in to our service department and have one of our experts take care of it for you. Your AC will run better and your gas mileage will even improve slightly.

Cause #3: Hose Deterioration

If your hoses are spongy, hard, or start to swell around the hose clamps, it’s time to replace them.

Cause #4: Sticky Thermostat

If the engine takes too long to heat, it means your thermostat is stuck in the open position and needs to be replaced. This is a repair that we would recommend coming into the shop to have done.

Cause #5: Worn Fan Belt

If your fan belt is cracked, fraying, or starts to squeal, it’s probably slipping. Check for proper belt tension and replace worn belts.

Case #6: Radiator Slug or Rust

When your engine overheats and there is goo visible in the radiator neck, it’s time to clean or replace the radiator.

Cause #7: Coolant Overflow

Loss of coolant through the overflow pipe usually means a leaky radiator cap. It’s a cool idea to keep your car’s radiator in good condition, especially in hot weather.

There you have it: The 7 major, but often overlooked, conditions that could land your car in the shop this summer! Take some time to check out your vehicle’s health, or stop in to Tischer and we will take care of you!

Top 3 Places in Laurel to Get Your Car Professionally Detailed

car professionally detailed

There’s nothing better than a freshly-cleaned, detailed car. Whether you detail your car yourself or have it detailed by a professional, it’s a fantastic feeling to see your car looking brand new again—no more food smells, stains, dirt that’s been tracked in, the dashboard isn’t dusty…it’s all gone!

If you’re looking for the best places in the Laurel, Maryland, area to have your car detailed, we’ve researched and tracked down a few places for you. We looked at each location’s Yelp reviews and made sure to find places that were:

  • Within Laurel, MD
  • Reviewed within the last year (if not sooner)
  • Had a majority of positive reviews
  • Reviewed by real people (not fake accounts)

Based on our research, here are the three locations customers like you recommend:

1. Total Recon—Total Recon’s Yelp reviews indicate that this location is “a great bunch of guys,” “highly recommended,” and “staff was professional and friendly.” According to its website, “Total Recon strives to treat the environment with care.  Most of our products are 100% biodegradable.”

2. Divine Hands Car Wash and Detail Shop—Divine Hands’ Yelp reviews weren’t as numerous as Total Recon’s, but still noted, “The owner and entire staff make sure you are satisfied from start to finish.” It’s a full-service hand car wash and detail shop whose owner has nearly 27 years in the cosmetic car care industry. Divine Hands is the better choice if you prefer more of a “Mom and Pop” feel over a larger business like Total Recon.

3. Tischer Auto—you know we had to mention our dealership, right? While we specialize in new, certified, and pre-owned car sales, we also take great pride in being able to offer car care services to our customers beyond the initial car purchase. Better still, we offer a full range of vehicular care, including professional detailing, to anyone. That means you do not have to be a Tischer customer to take advantage of any of the services we provide.

No matter where you service your car, keep in mind that the amount of time it will take to get your car detailed can vary based on the amount of detailing your car needs and the size of your car. At Tischer, our car detailing service can take anywhere from as little to an hour to as long as three hours depending on your car’s individual needs.

Having your car detailed by a professional has numerous benefits such as saving time, energy, and hassle, helping to maintain your car’s interior integrity (especially if you use your car for business), and alleviating the stress that can come along with being in a dirty and/or cluttered environment. With “spring cleaning” in full swing, it’s the perfect time of year to do it!

If we can be of service to you in helping to maintain your car—in any way—please contact us for a service appointment.


Car Color Psychology: What Your Car Color Says About You

car color psychology

Dealerships offer an endless variety of car color choices. (Nissan Juke Color Studio, anyone?) Options range from classic black or white to bolder colors such as lime green and bright yellow. Just as interesting as car color options, if not more so, are the reasons behind buyers’ color choices—from regulating temperature to cleanliness to buyer personality—all of these reasons seem to hold sway over car buyers’ preferences. In fact, according to one article, 93% of consumers view color and overall visual appearance as the most important factors when shopping and 85% say that color is the primary reason why they buy a product. There’s definitely something behind this whole “car color psychology” concept.

This same article goes on to detail that, according to a study conducted in 2009 in the UK, drivers of black cars were twice as likely to be involved in an accident as drivers of softer, cream-colored cars. Bright colors also tend to be preferred by those who drive performance-based cars (like a Ferrari). “Various theorists believe that calm, cool, and detached drivers own silver cars, while those who prefer a simple lifestyle own white cars, and that pink cars reflect femininity, gentleness and tenderness.” Still another survey found “owners of silver or metallic blue cars were the happiest drivers on the road, while owners of cars in the newer pastel colours of lilac and lime were twice as likely to be the victims of road rage. On average they were ill three more days per year than other motorists.”

A little more food for thought: Psychologist Conrad King said, “Drivers may think that they are cocooned when they are behind the wheel of their car but in reality their choice of car colour sends a clear signal to other motorists. A poor choice in car colour for pastel car owners mimics a number of other poor life choices which, in turn can lead to more stress and depression. The colour of the car can be a symptom of an underlying personality problem … Colour preferences can indicate a definite psycho-social pecking order on the roads, with the owners of black and red cars struggling for dominant position.”

As Nancy Lockhart, a color marketing manager with Axalta Coating Systems (formerly DuPont), a global car-coating business in Detroit, explains, “Color preferences change throughout time and may differ by region or vehicle type…The personality of the vehicle is as important as the personality of the buyer. The vehicle style, design and branding can influence color choices. A luxury sedan is more popular in black and white colors, but a small and sporty version is widely associated with red and colorful shades.”

In the article from which the quote was referenced, readers went on to comment about what influences their car color choices:

  • “I usually get a white or silver car because it shows scratches the least…”
  • “Black is hot. I mean as in uncomfortable, stifling hot with wasted energy on A/C. White is the absence of color (scientifically the opposite is true). Cooler comfort-wise.”
  • “I always buy used cars, so color is usually at the bottom of my list. Mileage, age and condition are much more important to me, not to mention price.”
  • “Silver cars are invisible. I had 2 silver cars and people constantly pulled out in front of me as if I wasn’t there. I noticed I do the same thing to silver and grey cars.”
  • “I don’t care about trends. It’s green (color) all the way for this green color loving person. In the eight cars I have owned and driven, only one was white because there was no green available that year (and with a maroon and white interior, painting it was no option!). I will continue to drive (and own) a green colored car. It amazes me why people don’t drive around in a vehicle that is their favorite color.”

Yes, people choose car colors for a variety of reasons—out of habit, to cover up dirt or scratches, to feel powerful or classy or bold, or simply neglect color altogether and focus on price and practicality. Still, it’s interesting to see what sources from KISSmetrics, Road & Truck, and AOL autos reveal about car color choices and personality:

  • Silver: You are calm, cool, elegant, futuristic and possibly detached
  • White: You are fastidious, enjoy a simple life, have a strong attention to detail and are possibly a perfectionist
  • Green: You are trustworthy, traditional and balanced, but can also be lively and occasionally hysterical
  • Brown/Beige: You are practical, reliable, down-to-earth and pragmatic.
  • Yellow: You are upbeat, intelligent and young at heart
  • Grey: You are calm, sober and very career-driven
  • Blue: You are confident, quiet and dependable
  • Red: You are energetic, dynamic and have a lust for life
  • Pink: You are gentle, loving and caring
  • Black: You are conservative, empowered, elegant and professional
  • Purple: You are creative, unafraid of stepping outside of the norm and happy to be seen as unique

Now that we’ve done the research, we want to hear from you. What factors influence the choice you make in car colors? Share your feedback with us on Facebook or Twitter, or in the comments below.

Image source: Flickr/NatLoans

How to Get the Maximum Trade-in Value for Your Used Car

How to Get the Maximum Tradein Value for Your Used Vehicle

There comes a point in every car owner’s life where you realize your current car is no longer suitable for your needs, and it’s time to trade it in for a different model. This could be for any number of reasons such as:

You need a larger car as your family grows.

  • You’re entering the workforce and would like a car that suits a working professional.
  • You’re an empty-nester who is ready to downsize.
  • You would like a car that offers better technology, functionality, fuel-efficiency or some other convenience.
  • Your warranty is near its expiration.
  • You’re simply ready for a change.

Whatever the reason, most owners wonder what they can do to maximize the trade-in value of their car. Fortunately, there are a great many resources and tips to help you do so. Here are some of our tips:

  1. From the start, invest in a car with excellent retained value. Both Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds offer yearly reports on cars that have good resale value and less depreciation over time.
  2. Maintain your vehicle. A properly-maintained car will typically have fewer problems over time, making it more appealing to the next owner or dealership that will be responsible for it.
  3. Keep your maintenance records. Keep documentation of all the services you have had on your car. Our general manager, Bruce, once appraised a car for $1,500 higher because the owner presented him with proof of vehicle maintenance and services.
  4. Keep your car clean. Keeping your car clean, both outside and inside, might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the way trade-in vehicles arrive on our lot. We’ve seen everything left in cars from clothes, food, and food containers to sticky steering wheels!  Bottom line, the less the dealership or next party has to do to recondition your car, the less money they have to invest in it, which makes the trade-in value of your car higher. According to Bruce, a cleaned and detailed car can enhance the value by as much as $1,000!
  5. Do your research. Parties that are interested in your trade-in, such as a private buyer or a dealership, will have researched your car’s worth and will review a Carfax (a history report of your car). As the seller, you too, should be aware of this information. You especially want to make sure there is nothing showing up in the Carfax results that are errors. All the more reason to keep your vehicle’s service and maintenance documentation!

Finally, there is an excellent infographic (below) that expertly outlines numerous tips to help you increase your car’s trade-in value, as well as understanding which repairs (should your car require any), are worth doing yourself or are better-suited for professionals.

Do you have any other questions or advice you would like to share on maximizing trade-in value? Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. If you are thinking about trading in your current car, consider coming to our dealership for an appraisal. Please visit our website to see details such as location, hours of operation, and contacting us about setting up a meeting!

14 Ways To Maximize The Value of Your Car Before Selling – An infographic by the team at Old Junk Car

Teaser: New 2016 Models at Tischer Acura Nissan


The temperatures are warming up, the sun is out more hours of the day, and Spring is just around the corner. With the feeling of a “fresh start” in the air, what better time to tell you about the newest models at our dealership—some of which are already on the lot and some which are coming soon.

2016 Acura ILX

2016 Acura ILXWe are delighted to tell you about one of the newest models now on the showroom floor!  Introducing the all-new 2016 Acura ILX! According to Acura, the 2016 model year of the Acura ILX boasts more power, improved handling, more luxurious appointments and more youthful, sporty styling. The 2016 ILX also expands customer choice with three main grades – the standard ILX, the ILX with Premium Package, and the line-topping ILX Tech Plus Package, supplemented by the addition of the all-new AcuraWatch™ Plus and A-SPEC Packages. New highlights include:

  • A new 8-speed dual clutch transmission (8DCT) with torque converter and paddle-controlled Sequential Sport Shift. The new 8DCT is the most advanced transmission in its competitive set.
  • More distinctive front end highlighted by piercing Jewel Eye™ LED headlights, a new grille design, and more aggressive lower fascia.
  • A restyled rear end offers new LED combination lights and lower fascia enhancements.
  • New 10-spoke 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels.
  • The available ILX A-SPEC Package enhances the performance look even more by adding sporty side sill garnishes, a trunk spoiler, front fog lights, new 18-inch 10-spoke machined alloy wheels, and several unique interior appearance touches.  The exclusive Premium Black interior color scheme includes a black headliner, perforated black Lux Suede® seat inserts, red instrument illumination, exclusive gray interior stitching and aluminum brake and throttle pedals.
  • Additional noise-insulating materials, thicker front door glass, noise-attenuating wheels, and the adoption of Active Noise Control technology.
  • The ILX Tech Plus features the next generation of AcuraLink®, Acura’s cloud-based connected-car system.
  • The 2016 ILX is newly available with the AcuraWatch™ suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies, the most advanced system of its kind in the competitive set.

We know that you’ll want to check out the 2016 ILX at Tischer.

2016 Acura MDX

2016 Acura MDXDid you know that Acura’s MDX is America’s best-selling three-row luxury SUV?  For the 2016 model year, the MDX is back with multiple new features and technologies, a more advanced powertrain and an expanded model range. Some highlights of the new MDX include:

  • an advanced new 9-speed automatic transmission (all trims)
  • a push-button electronic gear selector that frees up room above the center console (all trims)
  • a new Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system with a twin-clutch design that delivers enhanced torque transfer and handling capabilities (all trims)
  • The 2016 MDX and MDX with Technology Package models can now be equipped with the AcuraWatch™ suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies, which includes the first application of Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) and Rear Cross Traffic Monitor to the MDX model line. The MDX with Advance Package comes standard with AcuraWatch™.

Check out the 2016 Acura MDX at Tischer.

Coming Soon

As the spring season gets underway, we have a great many more models coming soon. In addition to the Acura models mentioned above, luxury car buyers should expect to see the 2016 RLX and RDX arriving soon.

2016 Nissan Titan XDWe are excited to reveal that the arrival of the all-new Titan XD at our dealership will be in the near future.  According to Nissan, “The new TITAN XD, the first of the new generation of Nissan TITAN models, creates a new segment of the American market. It offers the effortless towing and hauling of the larger, more expensive heavy-duty trucks – yet has the fuel-efficiency and affordability of half-ton pickups.”

Finally, the much-anticipated, next generation 2016 Nissan Maxima, which is the one that was seen in this year’s Superbowl commercial (see below), will be arriving. The 2016 Nissan Maxima, the brand’s flagship product and signature “4-Door Sports Car,” will make its official world debut at the New York International Auto Show in April.

If you want to stay in-the-know when these models are in our showroom, be sure to follow updates on our Facebook Page and Twitter stream. Also, you can check our inventory online or give us a call. All the information you will need can be found on our website.

Top Automotive Podcasts for Car Enthusiasts

Best Automotive Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time in a long car ride, catch up on news, learn new information, and certainly can make you laugh. For car lovers, there’s no shortage of automotive podcasts to choose from. Whether you like to hear about funny stories from car owners like you, want to learn about DIY auto repair, or simply want to know about the latest news from the auto industry, there’s something for everyone’s interests. If you’re looking for a recommendation, here are some of the best:

General Car Info

  • Driven Car Reviews—New York Times contributor and Emmy award-winning automotive journalist Tom Voelk looks at all things cars.
  • Talking Cars (MP3)—From the world of Consumer Reports with a focus on cars, buying questions, and insights on everything automotive.
  • Everyday Driver Car Debate—The hosts of Everyday Driver answer questions and help viewers find the right car for their needs as well as cover other topics throughout the car industry.
  • Cars Stuff—A closer look at all things automotive; a podcast by
  • The Autoblog Podcast—The podcast by the people who obsessively cover the auto industry.
  • Cruise Control Radio—Includes new car product information, automotive industry news, reviews of vehicles driven by the show’s on-air team, motorsports updates, and collector car information.

Car Repair

  • Car Talk (NPR)—Funny auto mechanics take calls from car owners all over the country and joke while diagnosing the problems. Their diagnoses are always spot-on and hilarious. You don’t have to know anything about cars to enjoy this podcast. Even though Tom Magliozzi, one of the two brothers who co-hosted passed away in November of 2014, the podcast and past episodes is still going strong.
  • Under the Hood—Fun car talk about repair and car issues and free automotive advice.
  • Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself!—In this series, Haynes shows you that maintaining and repairing your vehicles is easier than you think.


  • Fun with Cars—A fresh and informative option for those interested in racing and important news pertaining to the sport.

In addition to podcasts, there are also a great many automotive video casts and YouTube shows you could search if you’re a die-hard car enthusiast. For an extensive list of auto-related podcast and videocasts, check out this resource from PlayerFM.

Do you have a favorite auto podcast? Did it make our list? What other podcasts (or radio shows) do you enjoy listening to in the car? We’d love to hear what helps you pass the time. Feel free to share your feedback with us on Facebook or Twitter.