Five Automotive Magazines You Must Check Out!


Looking for a good automotive magazine subscription? Check out these five automotive magazines. Whether you are into fast cars, hot rods, vintage collectables, or just looking to buy a new car, there’s something for everyone!

  1. Car and Driver
    Calling all automotive enthusiasts–Car and Driver is the magazine for you! It is one of the top automotive publications and has been covering the auto industry for over 60 years. Car and Driver covers both foreign and domestic vehicles including cars, pickup trucks, vans and SUVs. Car and Driver staff does extensive testing to provide the reader with ‘tell it like it is’ reviews where writers are not afraid to point out the underachievers. In addition, Car and Driver has the latest in automotive news, motor sports, the newest technology developments and cutting edge reviews. Car and Driver is a monthly publication with 12 issues/year. To subscribe to Car and Driver, click here:
  1. Motor Trend
    A trusted resource of the automotive industry for over 50 years, Motor Trend is for the car fanatic. The magazine covers both foreign and domestic automobiles and performs thorough road testing to provide its readers with reviews of featured vehicles and multi-car comparisons in every issue. Motor Trend has a monthly feature called ‘Trend’ which provides the reader with all the newest happenings in the car industry, as well as information on future and upcoming models. From auto shows and motor sports to interviews and automotive products, Motor Trend gives the subscriber all of this, plus one special monthly feature in each issue. It is a monthly publication with 12 issues/year. To subscribe to Motor Trend, simply click here:
  1. Hot Rod
    Hot Rod magazine has been in circulation for over 60 years and is the oldest publication dedicated to hot rodding. The magazine centers on high performance and personalized hot rods, street rods, and muscle cars. Hot Rod provides technical how-to tips on restoration, engine build-ups, maintenance, paint, graphics and performance. Readers are also treated to industry commentary. If you like big engines and big tires, you’ll love Hot Rod! It is a monthly publication with 12 issues/year. To subscribe to Hot Rod:
  1. Road & Track
    One of the oldest automotive publications still in circulation is Road & Track; its first issue debuted in 1947. The magazine covers both foreign and domestic production automobiles and also includes race cars and race coverage, with race car drivers often contributing to the magazine. Road & Track focuses on high performance and reports on aerodynamics, suspension, and powerful engines. You will find road test reviews on a wide array of cars from new and eccentric to vintage. Road & Track also provides equipment reviews and maintenance tips. If you like powerful cars, this is the magazine for you! R&T publishes 10 issues/year. To subscribe to R&T, get started by clicking here:
  1. Automobile
    Automobile’s ‘No Boring Cars’ motto makes this the magazine for people who have a passion for cars. Automobile considers itself more of a lifestyle magazine than an auto publication. This magazine’s reports, which include road tests and reviews, are more subjective rather than based on technical data. Turn the pages and you will find new, old, and even vintage cars with a comprehensive buyer’s guide in each issue. Automobile provides a broad range of information including car collector tips, history of the car business and industry news. Automobile is a monthly publication with 12 issues/year. To subscribe to Automobile:

Do you have any go-to magazines for vehicles that we haven’t listed here? Please let us know in the comments below or send us a post on our Facebook page.