Is 4WD the Right Choice for You?

4wdvehicleDoes all the snow this past winter leave you wanting a 4WD vehicle? If you’re in the market for a new SUV or truck, you may be wondering if 4WD is right for you especially with Winter Storm Jonas a fresh memory. However, many people spend the extra money on 4WD and never even use it. Let’s see if 4WD is right for you.

Extra Cost: There are numerous extra costs of owning a 4WD vehicle. Purchasing the option of 4WD can add a few thousand dollars to the cost of the vehicle. Some vehicles, like the Nissan Rogue SUV, offer the 4WD option for around $1,500 but others like the Nissan Titan truck cost closer to $3,000. The expense is something to consider if 4WD isn’t a necessity. Another added cost is gas and fuel economy. 4WD vehicles get lower fuel economy than 2WD vehicles. The added weight of the 4WD system lowers the fuel economy by 1 to 2 mpg. Although it doesn’t sound like much, it can add up over time. Lastly, there is the added expense of maintenance. The cost to maintain a 4WD vehicle cost more than maintaining a 2WD as there are more parts to service. The extra 4WD components on a vehicle means that there are more parts that could need repair or replacement and some service center’s charge more for typical maintenance jobs. For example, wheel alignments on a 4WD are more expensive than 2WD.

Location: Where do you live? The area you live in can be a factor in your decision. Do you drive in areas that have a lot of rain or snow? Do you live near beaches you can drive on? Do you go off-roading? Many people who buy a 4WD never even use it. If your decision is based on snow and rain, some say having the right tires can be a good alternative to investing in 4WD. That being said, a vehicle with 4WD will handle better, accelerate better and have improved traction in inclement weather. The added traction can really come in handy if you are towing something. If your decision is based on going off-roading, then 4WD would be the way to go. However, according to MSN Auto, only 15% of people use their 4WD vehicle to go off-roading.

Safety: Don’t be fooled by a false sense of security. Just because you have a 4WD vehicle doesn’t mean you should drive in the snow. 4WD is definitely better in the snow than 2WD but roads are still dangerous in these conditions and you should limit driving until the roads are clear.

Value: Depending on where you live, another pro for 4WD owners is their resale value. In areas where trucks are popular and areas that experience a lot of inclement weather, 4WD trucks and SUVs tend to hold their value better than the 2WD models.

There are many trucks and SUVs on the market and even more options available. Way all the pros and cons and decide which features are a must have. Do your research and find the one that’s right for you. Visit us today at to schedule a test drive.