What is the Nissan Safety Shield Concept?

nissan safety shield

Every automobile manufacturer is concerned about safety, and Nissan is no exception. That’s why the folks behind Nissan have developed the Nissan Safety Shield® Concept. According to Nissan,

“Nissan is committed to its position as a leader in the world of automotive safety. This dedication to comprehensive safety goes into the engineering and design of every vehicle we make, and it drives the development of the Nissan Safety Shield® Technologies.”

The Nissan Safety Shield® Concept is made up of three core ideals: Monitor, Respond, and Protect. The technologies under the umbrella of the Nissan Safety Shield® Concept help monitor your car’s vehicle systems and the outside driving environment, ensure that your vehicle and you respond to potentially threatening situations, and also protect you in the event of an unavoidable collision.

Perhaps you’ve heard of some of these technologies—Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Moving Object Detection (MOD), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), LATCH. Often, these technologies are referred to in their abbreviated forms, and for many drivers this can be confusing. The abbreviations also don’t do much to help drivers understand the nature and function of each of these technologies.

To help you understand more about the Nissan Safety Shield® technologies, we’ve provided some YouTube videos that demonstrate their purpose. (Note: We didn’t include videos on airbags, as we know people are familiar with them and their purpose.) Start with the Safety Shield® video below, and then for the safety systems that don’t seem familiar, check out the corresponding video.

Safety Shield®

Technologies that Monitor

Around View Monitor

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Lane Departure Warning

Blind Spot Warning

Rear View Monitor and Moving Object Detection

Technologies that Respond

Vehicle Dynamic Control

Traction Control System*—TCS can sense drive-wheel spin and respond by reducing throttle or applying brake pressure to help maintain traction.

Anti-lock Braking System*—In a panic-braking situation, the ABS rapidly pumps the brakes, helping to prevent wheel lockup and helping you to maintain steering control.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution*—The EBD system sends extra force to the rear brakes when it senses additional weight in the back.

*no video from Nissan available; information from Nissan website

Technologies that Protect

Nissan Advanced Air Bag System

Front seat-mounted side-impact supplemental air bags

Roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags

Active Head Restraints

LATCH System (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren)

Hopefully, this post has helped clear up some of the confusing terms associated with the Nissan Safety Shield® Concept, but more importantly, has helped you understand all the important safety features that are available in many of the latest Nissan models. One caveat: while these technologies are invaluable aids to your safety, they are not a replacement for safe driving. It’s still necessary for drivers to stay alert when changing lanes, backing up, driving in inclement weather, etc. Between the Nissan Safety Shield® Concept and your careful driving, we are helping all of our drivers to be safe and sound on the road.

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