Are You Missing Out on AcuraLink® The Next Generation?

AcuraLink® The Next Generation

The latest iteration of AcuraLink® is pretty awesome! It’s available exclusively on select RLX and MDX vehicles beginning with the 2014 model year, and the TLX beginning with 2015. Despite the amazing convenience this service brings to your life as an Acura owner, we are always surprised to learn that some of our Acura customers haven’t yet started utilizing this service to its full potential. We must mention that the Standard Package is free for the first three years of ownership on every vehicle equipped with AcuraLink® The Next Generation. Allow us to give you a little overview of the latest AcuraLink® capabilities and all that you might be missing.

AcuraLink® Highlights:

  • Owners can access AcuraLink® in their vehicle as well as on mobile and desktop. No matter where you are, your AcuraLink® access is there!
  • Apps—the AcuraLink® The Next Generation audio systems work seamlessly with iOS® or Android™ devices using the AcuraLink® Streams app. Powered by Aha™, the Streams app delivers cloud-based media like podcasts, Internet radio stations, and even content from sites like Trip Advisor, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Navigation—your vehicle’s navigation system can access continuously updated local traffic data so that you have precise information on freeways and surface streets, allowing the system to calculate the best way around congestion. You can also send directions from your phone or computer to your vehicle. (This is a really nice feature to utilize for holiday travels!)
  • Remote access—lock your car doors, check your fuel and more from a remote location via phone or computer.
  • Messages/Alerts—Acura can send you notifications on the latest information about your vehicle.
  • Maintenance—notifications for when your vehicle needs service
  • Assistance—with the touch of a button, a concierge service is waiting to help you with just about anything, 24/7!
  • Owner’s Manual—your owner’s manual information can be digitally accessed in AcuraLink®. No more worries about old-fashioned booklets or papers (if paper clutter annoys you).

Not only does AcuraLink® make your life on-the-go easier, you are also more protected from a safety standpoint. Between maintenance alerts and having access to 24/7 online assistance, should you ever find yourself stranded or broken down, you won’t ever have to feel truly “alone.”

There are different packages and pricing options. You can upgrade at any time to a package that better suits your needs. You can view the packages and prices on the AcuraLink® The Next Generation website.

If you have more questions about AcuraLink® services, you can check out the AcuraLink® FAQ page. There’s a lot of useful information about setting up your account, upgrading your AcuraLink® package, linking more than one vehicle, and more.

For our Acura customers, and would-be Acura owners, please do not ever hesitate to ask us to help you with your AcuraLink®. We want you to be able to tap into the maximum potential of your vehicle, and we are happy to help you do just that.

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10 Need-to-Know Details about Acura’s HandsFreeLink®


One of the best things about being a car owner in today’s day and age is the multitude of technological features and packages that are available. Not only do these features add convenience to your driving, but oftentimes also enhance your safety on the road.

For example, we all know talking on the phone (with your phone in-hand) or texting while driving are not only against the law, but these actions are also some of the leading causes of car injuries or fatalities. Fortunately for Acura owners, the Acura HandsFreeLink® system (HFL) is an available feature that will help you stay connected to your personal life without breaking any laws. Major plus!

If you are unfamiliar with the Acura HandsFreeLink® system, either because you have not yet taken advantage of this feature or because you don’t drive an Acura (yet…we dare say, heehee), here are some key points for you to know and consider:

Buttons1. The entire HandsFreeLink® system is controlled through two buttons (just two!) on the lower left of the steering wheel.

2. All HFL visual displays are shown through the Multi-Informational Display. Notification of incoming calls will HFLhome-multi-info-displayappear automatically and the display will inform you of any next steps to be taken when pairing phones, downloading contacts or other HFL procedures.

HFLhome-transfer-calls3. While conversing, you can transfer the call to or from HandsFreeLink® and your phone at any time without interrupting the conversation with a press of a button followed by saying the word “Transfer.”

4. A major advantage of HandsFreeLink® is that it works with a wide variety of popular cell phone models. If your cell phone is equipped with Bluetooth®, it is possible that it will work with the HandsFreeLink® system. You can find a list of compatible phones here.

FindPhoneIcon5. HFL can be paired with up to six different phones. Six—wow! (Only one phone can be in use with the system at a time.)

6. Depending on your Acura model/trim, phone model, and wireless service package, certain advanced features are available with the HFL system such as:

  • Call waiting
  • Manual dial tones (Ability to send tones such as pound or star through the HFL)
  • Data connection for AcuraLink™ diagnostics (Diagnostic info provides a deeper analysis of causes of any malfunction in any of the many systems in your vehicle.)
  • Phonebook import (Ability to transfer and store up to 1,000 names and 10,000 phone numbers in the phonebook located in your Navigation system from your cellular phonebook.)

acuralink diagnostics7. If you have access to AcuraLink™ diagnostics through the HFL system, the system can notify you via AcuraLink™ when you have service needs that are indicated by the remote diagnosis system.

8. While your car salesman can help you pair your Bluetooth® to your HFL system, you can also find easy walk-through instructions on the Acura website. You will need to choose your Acura model, phone type, and carrier, and then follow the tutorial based on that criteria.

9. If your phone is a Bluetooth® phone that supports Bluetooth® Audio, after pairing your phone with HFL, you can play your music through the vehicle’s audio system.

10. If you ever require assistance with your HFL system but cannot make it to your Acura dealership for help, you can conveniently contact Acura via email to speak with a customer service rep or call by phone: 888-528-7876.

As you can see, the HandsFreeLink® system certainly has its benefits, and as an Acura owner, we believe you deserve to have every convenience the Acura brand has to offer.

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*images: Acura

Acura: It’s a Very Busy Time for RLX and RDX

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid

Although the formal launch will be in the spring of 2014, the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD already has a busy social calendar.  At the moment, its been putting on its finishing touches for its public display at the LA International Auto Show.  The RLX Sport Hybrid will have given auto show attendees a grand look at the first Acura vehicle to use Acura’s new three-motor hybrid powertrain technology. 

At 377-horsepower, the 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD is being described by Acura as its “most powerful and technologically advanced vehicle” to-date.  The car maker says that the engine system in the RLX Sport Hybrid “combines a highly efficient, direct-injected V-6 engine with an all-new, Acura-designed, 7-speed dual clutch transmission with built-in electric motor and an electrically powered variant of Acura’s highly regarded torque-vectoring Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD)” (quoted from Acura to insure absolute accuracy).  This enables the RLX Sport Hybrid to go from 0 to 60 in about the same time as the V8-powered vehicles of competitors.  Yet, performance (28/32/30mpg – city/highway/combined) is comparable to that of 4-cylinder luxury sedans.  

In addition to power, space is also more plentiful in the RLX Sport Hybrid. The wheelbase is longer and the greenhouse is wider than mid-luxury sedans in its class.  Rear-seat legroom is now 38.8 inches.  Shoulder room has been bumped up to 59.6 inches in the front and 57.0 inches at the rear.  Acura says that these stats are the best in the mid-luxury class. 

Body design has been given good attention. High-strength steel and aluminum are much in evidence.  The “double-wishbone, lower double-joint front suspension with Amplitude Reactive Dampers” gives a superior handling agility, with increased confidence and security.  This, in addition to the multi-link rear suspension, adds up to a smoother ride over a wide variety of road terrains. 

Of course, the 2014 RLX Sport Hybrid has new technologies, too. There is an electronic gear selector as well as Acura’s  Head-Up Display System – an “at-a-glance” information system which uses the windshield as its projection screen.  The cloud-based connected car system is next-generation.  There are also the safety features buyers have come to expect, such as “Multi-Angle Rearview Camera, Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW), along with Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow and Blind Spot Information (BSI) system”. 

2014 Acura RDXNot to be outdone by its automotive relative, the Acura RDX luxury crossover SUV has brought home some automotive honors.  The first award is the 2014 ALG Residual Value Award.  The RDX earned this honor for having the “highest projected three-year resale value of any vehicle in the Premium Compact Utility Vehicle category”.  In addition, this award includes recognition of the superior quality, favored brand desirability, and overall reliability of the RDX.  The second accolade is Consumer Guide’s “Best Buy” in the Premium Compact Crossover/SUV category.  “Best Buys” are vehicles which, according to Consumer Reports, give outstanding design, engineering, and consumer satisfaction. 

The Acura RDX luxury crossover SUV has been named a “Best Buy” by Consumer Guide.  The award is given to vehicles that provide superior design and engineering, and deliver what consumers want better than their category competitors. 

“The RDX continues to win accolades for its outstanding combination of exhilarating, performance, top-class fuel economy ratings, and outstanding value on a luxury scale,” said Mike Accavitti, senior vice president of Auto Operations.  “With the five-passenger RDX and new seven-passenger MDX, Acura has unquestionably the most powerful one-two punch in the luxury SUV category.” 

Consumer Guide judges vehicles based on a variety of objective factors including price, features, performance, accommodations, fuel economy ratings, reliability records and resale value.  The editors drive the vehicles the way consumers normally would, on highways, city streets, rural roads, long trips and for simple daily errands. 

Want to learn more about the 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD or test drive the 2014 Acura RDX? Give us a call today, 301-498-3322!

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Acura RLX Gives the Ultimate Experience


Kansan George Randall was very pleased to be part of the Acura RLX marketing campaign. That’s because he was the big winner in their Acura RLX Experience: Match-and-Win game. Mr Randall of Wichita has won a huge travel package, worth almost $60,000, which includes “a seven-night trip for two to the worldwide destination of his choice, an African Safari, with air travel, five-star hotel accommodations and $15,000 in cash” according to Acura.

The integrated, multi-platform marketing campaign was created to firmly associate the RLX with the concept of luxury. In fact, the slogan is “Luxury, taken to a whole new level”. Acura is pitching this innovative vehicle to the premium luxury sedan market. Its campaign, “The Acura RLX Experience” has already caught the eye and interest of thousands of affluent customers.

Acura explains that the 2014 RLX is a “technological tour de force”. It blends a variety of signature Acura technologies and designs to create an unparalleled driving experience. Acura says that these technologies include

  • 300-horsepower i-VTEC V-6 engine, bright and distinctive Jewel Eye LED headlights.
  • Acura Precision All-Wheel Steer™® (P-AWS).
  • next-generation Acuralink® connected car technology and Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure.

Within its category, the 2014 RLX is proud to have the roomiest cabin. It also boasts top-level EPA fuel ratings. RLX economizes on fuel to the tune of 20/31/24 mpg (city/highway/combined). Acura will not be surprised if this car receives a “TOP SAFETY PICK+ crash safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), including a GOOD rating in the IIHS’ stringent new small overlap front crash test” in upcoming reviews.

Susie Rossick, Senior Manager of Regional Marketing, informs that the brand strength of Acura is increasing. She says Acura attributes this increase to “exciting new models” such as “the RLX sedan and the redesigned MDX luxury SUV”. Rossick explains that “with each new model, we are delivering increased levels of luxury performance and refinement, and sharpening our focus on the Acura ‘Synergy between Man and Machine’ product direction”.

Grand prize winner Randall was not the only one to benefit. So were the other prize winners. Although not as “grand”, thirty-six received a range of prizes such as “$599 Apple gift certificates to weekend getaways for two at Acura-sponsored events and venues, including the Sundance Film Festival, the Hollywood Bowl, and the Pinehurst Golf Resort”.

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