The All-New 2015 Acura TLX Has Arrived at Tischer Auto! – Here are the Features You Need to Know

2015 Acura TLX

We at Tischer are very excited to announce the much-anticipated 2015 Acura TLX has finally arrived at our dealership. After several days of being able to check out this premier vehicle both inside and out, we’re more than thrilled with what we’ve seen. This model is already being hailed as “an attractive, technologically-advanced package that’s a compelling alternative to the segment stalwarts” by auto industry experts. Indeed, Acura set out to create a sports-sedan that would set an industry benchmark in the sports-sedan segment, and they have definitely accomplished that goal with the TLX! With a host of new features and technologies, and many returning exceptional Acura features, we think this latest model has something Acura enthusiasts will be thrilled with, too.

Here are some of the newest details, features, and technologies in the 2015 TLX you’ll want to know about:

  • The TLX is the successor to the TL.
  • The TLX is the newest member of Acura’s re-envisioned performance-luxury sedan lineup.
  • Acura’s mission with the TLX is “designed to deliver a unique and compelling blend of sports-sedan athleticism and premium (red-carpet) luxury refinement, while delivering on Acura’s ‘Synergy Between Man and Machine’ product direction – characterized by vehicles that perform ‘at the will of the driver’ with intuitive, exhilarating and confidence-inspiring driving dynamics.”
  • Available trims include the TLX, TLX V-6, and TLX SH-AWD with available Technology and/or Advanced packages.
  • 2015 TLX engineThe TLX features two new, high-output direct-injected i-VTEC engines and two advanced new transmissions including the world’s first Dual Clutch Transmission with torque converter.
  • The TLX features the latest versions of Acura’s precision-handling technologies.
  • 2015 TLX bodyThe TLX has an all-new body and chassis design featuring the next generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure.
  • The TLX is built from advanced lightweight materials that reduce weight while maintaining performance and safety.
  • The TLX is the most dynamically advanced Acura ever.
  • All three trims carry a long list of standard and available features.
  • The TLX features tighter and sportier proportions than its TL predecessor: 3.7 inches shorter, and the front and rear overhand are shortened by 1.1 inches and 2.7 inches (respectively)
  • 2015 TLX interiorThe TLX has a new 60/40-split folding rear seatback and a new trunk design that has a wider and deeper opening, lower lift-over height, fully flat cargo floor, and two new optional under floor storage compartments—all of which lend to improved cargo capacity!
  • 2015 TLX technologyThe TLX offers the next-generation of AcuraLink® technology (Acura’s cloud-based and car-embedded connected car system) such as Siri Eyes-Free technology that when paired with a compatible iPhone, allows the driver to use the features of Siri using familiar voice commands.
  • 2015 TLX gear selectorThe TLX 3.5 liter V-6 trim has the all-new Electronic Gear Selector which utilizes an intuitive push-button array in place of a traditional gear lever.
  • The TLX SH-AWD trim has a model-exclusive idle-stop capability for improved fuel efficiency.
  • All TLX models incorporate the latest development of Acura’s Integrated Dynamics System (IDS) which allows drivers to customize their driving through four modes—ECON, Normal, Sport, and Sport+. (The Sport+ mode is a first for Acura!)
  • New camera and radar technologies are used in the TLX to advance Acura’s safety systems.
  • A new Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) system in the TLX (available in the Advance Package) uses the new camera and radar technology to recognize painted lines, Botts’ Dots, and Cat Eye markers to determine lane boundaries when driving.
  • New Motion-Adaptive Electronic Power Steering technology in the TLX assists with more precise driving and responsiveness.
  • To significantly reduce the intrusion of wind, road and engine noise into the cabin, air paths were reduced by a whopping 50% in the TLX (compared to the TL) via special attention and detail paid to TLX body sealing.
  • The TLX is the first Acura model to utilize acoustic spray foam.

That certainly is an impressive list of new technologies and Acura “firsts”! If you’d like more in-depth reports, Acura has provided extensive details on the 2015 TLX powertrain, body, chassis, and interior.

Don’t forget to check out the thrilling photos of the 2015 Acura TLX in this special e-brochure.

If you like what you’ve read and seen in the photos, we invite you to come down to the dealership and test drive the all-new 2015 TLX sports-sedan. We’re confident you’ll love the combination of sport handling and luxurious refinement!

2015 TLX test drive

The 2014 Acura RLX – The All-New Flagship Sedan

2014 Acura RLX

If you’ve heard anything about the all-new 2014 Acura RLX, you know it’s being touted as Acura’s most powerful, spacious, and technologically-advanced sedan yet. Seeing as how this model is at our showroom now, we are happy to report that we agree!

The Acura RLX replaces the Acura TL and has made a splash on the luxury sedan scene with amazing design, comfort, and a whole host of technological features sure to give car buyers their dollars’ worth. With five different trims—RLX, RLX with Navigation, RLX with Technology Package, RLX with Krell Audio Package, and the RLX Advanced Package—the MSRP range is $48,540-$60,450.

The 2014 Acura RLX has also earned top marks in industry safety tests. It’s earned 5-star crash test ratings by the NHTSA and IIHS, earning crash-test marks of “good”—good being the highest—across multiple safety checkpoints.

There’s a lot that’s changed and been enhanced with the RLX since the days of the RL. Let’s highlight a few of the many features that we believe Tischer customers and Acura lovers will agree make this car a standout model in the luxury sedan class!


Even to an untrained eye, the elegance of the 2014 Acura RLX cannot be denied. The body, while bigger than the TL, still maintains Acura’s signature sleek, aerodynamic lines. Beneath the paint job, which car buyers may not think about, is extensive use of high-strength steel and aluminum. Believe it or not, these quality materials aid in the RLX’s fuel efficiency (top-class EPA fuel economy rating of 20/31/24 mpg—city/highway/combined), straight-line performance, excellent agility, and safety.

A standout characteristic are the Jewel Eye™ LED headlights, which offer outstanding light distribution and excellent down-the-road illumination. Additionally, the taillights utilize periphery LED illumination that is both effective and highly distinctive.


Slide inside the all-new RLX, and you won’t be disappointed. One of the requisites of a luxury sedan is a comfortable, quiet ride, and Acura has not failed to deliver on this expectation. Here’s a few snippets of what industry professionals have to say about the interior quality of the 2014 RLX:

“The cabin is far airier and roomier than before, with lots of clearance for occupants’ extremities. It’s also beautifully finished in muted tones.” – Car and Driver

“You’ll immediately be struck by the sheer amount of space inside the Acura RLX. It feels noticeably roomier than the old RL or the TL. Legroom is plentiful in both the front and rear.” –

“Most owners will be satisfied with the performance of the 2014 Acura RLX in normal driving…this engine is quiet and smooth.” –

“The all-new 2014 Acura RLX is unquestionably luxurious, with an exceptionally high index of quality and quiet, competent comfort. The Acura RLX is handsomely appointed within, with soft touch surfaces everywhere, first rate materials, and lots of space. In fact, Acura claims best-in-class rear-seat legroom, and it would take someone of NBA stature to scrape his head against the roof.” – AOL Autos


Design, luxury, comfort, quality—these are all admirable characteristics of the 2014 Acura RLX. But this model wouldn’t be the flagship sedan that it is for the Acura brand if it didn’t also offer some amazing and innovation technology as well. Here’s where the all-new RLX makes its mark as a technological tour-de-force.

Acura explains,

“The new RLX reaches higher and farther into the high-end luxury sedan market with an incredible array of advanced safety, driver-assistive, and information and media technologies, including the standard next-generation AcuraLink™ connected car system, and Multi-Angle Rearview Camera; along with available Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow and Blind Spot Information (BSI) system. Safety systems available on the RLX include technologies such as Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS), Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW).”

Another distinction for the 2014 RLX is the new Precision All-Wheel Steer™ (P-AWS). This continuously-monitoring feature calculates the correct amount of independent rear-wheel steering (toe angle) necessary to help the RLX meet driving conditions with the utmost ease and stability.

And for the first time ever, in addition to industry-standard airbag locations (front, front seat, side curtain), the RLX also introduces a driver’s knee airbag—designed to help keep the driver in a proper seating position in the event of a moderate-to-severe frontal collision.

Consumer Reviews

Of course, it’s our job at Tischer to point out to you the major selling points of the newest cars on the market. And we’re passionate about the new models we’ve been reporting on lately, such as the Nissan Rogue, Pathfinder Hybrid, and Acura RDX. But to be fair, we’re clearly biased towards the cars we sell, so here’s some feedback about what car shoppers and buyers like you have to say about the 2014 Acura RLX:


“Coming out of my first Acura a ’12 TL AWD, I looked at everything else in its class. My wife got the ’13 Lexus GS 350, which is very nice, but I needed more testosterone. I was very surprised when I test drove the RLX as most of the reviews by the ‘experts’ were average at best. It is a perfect fit for me. Bigger inside than my TL and the Lexus 350. Lots of room in the back seat. The control panel is much more intuitive than my TL. The ride is plenty smooth, the transmission feels great shifting in all gears, A/C is perfect. I really enjoy driving it.”

“Acura plays by no one elses rules as far as I can tell. Every competitor’s car that Acura claims the Acura RLX competes with is either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. The RLX is front wheel drive with Rear Wheel Precision Steer. Initial marketing reasons would conclude it’s silly for Acura to say they compete with those other cars, but the truth is when you drive the RLX and feel how wonderfully precise it is and how nice the drive is you have to ask yourself why would I want all wheel drive with more things to break and horrible fuel economy. I have had my RLX now for 1000+ miles and I love it. The more I drive it the more I love it. I have owned Lexus LS430, ES300h, BMW…”

“Just bought 2014 RLX Advance, had 2011 RL. The difference is like night and day. WOW! What a great car; we love it. RLX does it all, great ride, tech is state of the art.”


“This car is the bomb, very high class appearance, smooth, comfortable for both front and back passengers, this is exactly what I wanted all the features and the stereo sound is premium! Bluetooth phone is awesome.”

“Excellent, loved it. Excellent, loved it. Excellent, loved it. Excellent, loved it. Excellent, loved it. Excellent, loved it. Excellent, loved it.”

Is it safe to say that last reviewer loves the 2014 Acura RLX? But in all seriousness, we think you will, too! The all-new RLX truly is an amazing car which we think loyal Acura enthusiasts will admire.  We also think that the uninitiated Acura shopper can be converted into believers with a test drive of the RLX! Click on the button below to schedule a test drive at our dealership—we can’t wait to see you there. And don’t forget, we welcome your questions or feedback below in the comments area below.

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Acura Safety – In a Class of Its Own

Acura Safety

Safety is one of the most pressing concerns for all auto manufacturers, but Acura prides itself on a line of vehicles that secure top safety ratings year-after-year, model-after-model! Like most luxury vehicles, people tend to dwell on the more flashy features, but Acura believes that safety should be a top priority – and it has been since day one for Acura.

Less than one year after starting its assembly lines, Acura introduced its first vehicle, the Legend Coupe, to come standard with an airbag. This was 11 years before airbags became mandatory in all vehicles. By 1988, the entire Legend line came standard with both airbags and anti-lock brakes.

More recently, in 2009, Acura was the first manufacturer to have every one of its models designated a “Top Safety Pick” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). In 2010, IIHS raised the bar on its Top Safety Pick requirements, and by the 2012 model year, Acura’s TL, TSX, TSX Sport Wagon and MDX all regained Top Safety Pick status. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Acura was also the first and only luxury brand to receive 5-Star crash safety ratings for all of its models in NHTSA’s New Car Assessment Program’s front and side impact crash tests.

While standards have changed over the years, Acura’s dedication to safety has not. To that end, Acura has developed two levels of safety features for its line of vehicles: Active and Passive. The idea behind the Active safety features is to help drivers avoid accidents before they occur, while the Passive safety features are designed to protect both driver and passengers if a collision does occur.

Acura began with the basics of driving when designing its Active safety system. Starting with precision steering, an enhanced suspension, and anti-lock brakes, and moving on to advanced technologies like headlights that swivel to illuminate curves in the road, and the Collision Mitigation Braking System that gives drivers advanced warning of a possible impact situation while braking automatically if impact is imminent, these vehicles are made to prevent accidents. Finally, Acura offers navigation systems with voice recognition and Bluetooth integrations to help eliminate distractions while driving.

Acura’s Passive safety features utilize a wide range of safety technologies starting with the structure of the vehicles themselves. Each model since 2005 is built with Acura’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE)™ and unit-body construction, both of which are engineered to help absorb crash energy and offer protection to the driver and passengers in the cabin. Acura also offers advanced dual-stage, multiple-threshold front air bags, front side air bags, and side curtain air bags on most models with the passenger-side Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS) to help keep you safe and secure when collision becomes unavoidable. Finally, all Acura models come equipped with breakaway steering columns and many models use front-seat-active head restraints that use the force of the occupants’ body to position the head restraint forward and upward in a rear-end collision in order to help reduce the likelihood of neck injuries.

To Acura, safety is not just another feature to be added in for the right price, but rather a proven commitment to protecting drivers in the event of an accident. For more than two decades, Acura safety engineers have worked tirelessly to improve and advance safety components built into every model, every year.

Want to learn more about the safety features that Acura offers in its line of vehicles? Click the button below to schedule a test drive and see for yourself just how important your safety is to Acura.

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Also, be sure to let us know what you think of these features and Acura’s commitment to safety in the comments section below! Acura values its owners’ input and opinions.

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The 2012 Acura TL – Aggressive, Yet Elegant!

2012 Acura TL


We love the new 2012 Acura TL, and we know you will too!  The TL ranks #2 out of 19 upscale midsize cars as determined by US News’ ranking and reviews.  “It’s ideal for those wanting an athletic and aggressive car that nonetheless treats its occupants to a reasonably smooth ride and an accommodating interior with a generous assortment of high-tech features,” reports  Forbes Magazine.

Acura says that its fourth-generation TL is nothing less than the most exciting performance luxury sedan in Acura history and sets the benchmark for the future direction of the Acura division of Honda.

Competitors include the Audi A6, Lexus ES350, Lincoln MKZ and Volvo S60 & S80.  The TL offers exceptional value and above-average durability and reliability compared to its counterparts listed here. 

Performance:  It’s all in the details!

According to US News, test drivers say the TL’s base V6 is strong, quiet and quick, while the TL’s optional all-wheel drive is admired for its excellent grip in a variety of weather and road condition scenarios.   The Acura TL’s 3.5L V-6 engine blows away the competition with 280 hp@6200 rpm, and the torque also excels with 254@5000rpm and a compression ratio of 11.2, compared to an average 10.5 among others in its class.  The TL also includes paddle shifters as standard equipment, while the competition either offers them as an option or they are unavailable.

The 2012 Acura TL transmission teams with a new multi-clutch torque converter that not only reduces heat build-up during operations, but also allows for lock-up activation during a much wider range of driving conditions – which helps generate improved fuel economy.  As a result, city/highway fuel economy is now 20/29 mpg – an increase of 3 mpg in highway driving over the 2011 TL.  To further improve operating efficiency, the TL’s 3.5L V-6 engine receives a host of friction-reduction technologies while a revised air inlet system provides cooler air for both the 3.5L and 3.7L engines.   US News reports that test drivers love the powerful V6 engines in both TL trims. 

Sara Lacey, of, calls the Acura TL “mother proof.”  In its 2012 model, Acura softened the look of the grille, but she says that the redesigned five-seater still means business with its sharp, sporty looks.  She goes on to say that the base TL with front-wheel drive has a 3.5L V-6, and there’s a larger engine – 3.7L V-6 in AWD that makes it possible for Mom and Dad to have fun driving the TL when no one is looking!  “The rear seats are deep and supportive, and there’s plenty of legroom for the kids,” Sara says.

Auto reviewers are very happy with the 2012 Acura TL’s powerful V6 engine and handling.  They especially like the way it powers through curves and turns:

“The Acura TL occupies a sweet spot among all of those extremes – precise enough in steering (rack-and-pinion type) to go exactly where you point when you point it; gifted with a well-crafted suspension (front double wishbone, rear multi-link) that turns dips, curves and bends into a smile-laden joy ride; and blessed with a new six-speed automatic transmission that can be used as a manual to turn drives on especially steep and twisty roads into pure, unadulterated fun.”  – The Washington Post

 “The V6s in both the TL and SH-AWD are quiet and buttery-smooth at low engine speeds.  They’re equally impressive when you wind them out, too.  Both engines seem to thrive on being pushed to the redline, an easy thing to do when using the manual shift paddles.” – Inside Line

“Shifts are quick and crisp, and we love the way the transmission holds paddle-selected gears in sport mode, refusing to upshift at redline…” – Car and Driver

“Seat-of-the-pants, the TL feels quick, but test results prove this sedan can hustle.” – Motor Trend

“Brakes retard momentum right-by-gosh-now with not much pedal pressure.  Steering gives you the impression you’re actually controlling the car, instead of rotating a mysterious mechanism through a slushy medium.” – USA Today

“It still has the same wonderfully competent and stable chassis that makes it a sport-sedan stalwart.”   – Inside Line

We quickly came to appreciate Acura’s Super-Handling All-Wheel-Drive (SH-AWD) system which is engineered to benefit both wet and dry-road traction.  It not only automatically distributes engine power between the front and rear axles as needed, but also between the left and right rear wheels to provide a sporty feel few AWD vehicles can match.  This so-called torque vectoring technology makes the 2012 Acura TL’s already quick and nimble handling feel like it’s on a turntable while making sharp turns at speed.” – Forbes

Comfort and Convenience

The Acura TL provides much more passenger room in the front seat than other cars in its class.  The TL also includes 2-memory driver-side seat adjustment as standard equipment, while for most competitors, this is optional or unavailable.  In addition, heated front seats and high-intensity discharge headlights are standard in the Acura TL.

“It exudes a cool, mature, composed demeanor that’s refined enough to serve as daily transport, but up for an occasional hilly backroad romp.”  – Motor Trend

“Those looking for a refined ride, a spacious cabin and a full helping of the latest bells and whistles will be well served by the base model TL, a strong competitor to the likes of the Buick LaCrosse, Hyundai Genesis and Lexus ES350.” – Edmunds

 “Inside, the…TL’s modestly redesigned interior is roomy, attractive and functional.”  – Forbes

“We found the front seats to be comfortable and supportive, with sufficient travel to suit long-legged motorists.  Rear seat room is plentiful for two adult riders – three in a pinch – with a maximum 36.2 inches of legroom.”  – Forbes

“The TL is the largest and roomiest sedan in its class and one of the few whose back seat can graciously handle long hauls with long adults.”  – The New York Times

“The navigation system remains one of the best, most intuitive units from any OEM.” AutoWeek

“The interior is outstanding.  It features an attractive design and appealing materials, including lovely brown perforated leather upholstery…” – Newsday


Acura is proud to report that its TL is one of only two cars that received the highest possible rating in the new small overlap frontal crash test.  Safety ratings for the Acura TL are the highest rating of “Good” by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Optional AWD is good in wet and dry conditions.  Standard safety features include front-seat side-impact torso airbags, side curtain airbags, antilock brakes and electronic stability system.  Also available is a blind spot warning system.


The 2012 Acura TL 6-Speed AT has a base price MSRP of $35,905, which is over 10% less than the average MSRP’s of other vehicles in its class, including the Lexus ES350, BMW 335i, Audi A6 and the Volvo S80.  Residual values are high on Acura TL models at both the 36-months and 60-months points.  The vehicle’s reliability and standard powertrain warranty of 70,000 or 72 months are among the best in its class, bringing its total ownership costs down.

The proof is in the pudding:  What owners have to say!

Current Acura TL owners have an abundance of great things to say about their car!  In the interest of time, we narrowed it down to a few:

“Finally, my best car ever!  Great MPG average at 26, quick acceleration and handling, extremely comfortable interior.  I commute about 12 hours a week and this car makes my long drives a pleasure.  My favorite option?  The ventilated seats.”

“Best bang for your buck by far!  Quality power and mpg.  I am getting 24 miles in city and 32 on highway.  Quiet ride. Great sound system and lane guidance navigation.  Cooled seats are fantastic!”

“For the money, I don’t see how anything can beat a TL overall.”

“Would not buy another car in its class over the TL, not even if it was a gift!  I have owned several autos and without a doubt the Acura product has been the most owner and driver-friendly auto I have owned.”

“Had a 2001 Acura TL and that’s why I bought another.  I look forward to keeping this one 12 years or so…reliability is part of the game, and the TL has it.  Every bit of the car a Lexus 350 is with a better price.”

Test drivers have these comments:

“That was a lot of fun!”

“The blind spot feature is a great feature!”

“The head room:  I’m pleasantly surprised with it considering I’m 6 feet 5 inches tall!”

“The car is capable of a lot performance-wise”

“The TL is a solid car”

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