Are You Missing Out on AcuraLink® The Next Generation?

AcuraLink® The Next Generation

The latest iteration of AcuraLink® is pretty awesome! It’s available exclusively on select RLX and MDX vehicles beginning with the 2014 model year, and the TLX beginning with 2015. Despite the amazing convenience this service brings to your life as an Acura owner, we are always surprised to learn that some of our Acura customers haven’t yet started utilizing this service to its full potential. We must mention that the Standard Package is free for the first three years of ownership on every vehicle equipped with AcuraLink® The Next Generation. Allow us to give you a little overview of the latest AcuraLink® capabilities and all that you might be missing.

AcuraLink® Highlights:

  • Owners can access AcuraLink® in their vehicle as well as on mobile and desktop. No matter where you are, your AcuraLink® access is there!
  • Apps—the AcuraLink® The Next Generation audio systems work seamlessly with iOS® or Android™ devices using the AcuraLink® Streams app. Powered by Aha™, the Streams app delivers cloud-based media like podcasts, Internet radio stations, and even content from sites like Trip Advisor, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Navigation—your vehicle’s navigation system can access continuously updated local traffic data so that you have precise information on freeways and surface streets, allowing the system to calculate the best way around congestion. You can also send directions from your phone or computer to your vehicle. (This is a really nice feature to utilize for holiday travels!)
  • Remote access—lock your car doors, check your fuel and more from a remote location via phone or computer.
  • Messages/Alerts—Acura can send you notifications on the latest information about your vehicle.
  • Maintenance—notifications for when your vehicle needs service
  • Assistance—with the touch of a button, a concierge service is waiting to help you with just about anything, 24/7!
  • Owner’s Manual—your owner’s manual information can be digitally accessed in AcuraLink®. No more worries about old-fashioned booklets or papers (if paper clutter annoys you).

Not only does AcuraLink® make your life on-the-go easier, you are also more protected from a safety standpoint. Between maintenance alerts and having access to 24/7 online assistance, should you ever find yourself stranded or broken down, you won’t ever have to feel truly “alone.”

There are different packages and pricing options. You can upgrade at any time to a package that better suits your needs. You can view the packages and prices on the AcuraLink® The Next Generation website.

If you have more questions about AcuraLink® services, you can check out the AcuraLink® FAQ page. There’s a lot of useful information about setting up your account, upgrading your AcuraLink® package, linking more than one vehicle, and more.

For our Acura customers, and would-be Acura owners, please do not ever hesitate to ask us to help you with your AcuraLink®. We want you to be able to tap into the maximum potential of your vehicle, and we are happy to help you do just that.

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Essential Smartphone Apps for Acura Owners

Essential Apps for Acura Owners

Last week, we shared our list of Essential Smartphone Apps for Car Owners and this week we wanted to focus on the apps geared specifically toward Acura Owners. These apps are designed to sync and work with the Acura websites, My Acura and AcuraLink®.

  • MyAcura: This app is designed to be an extension of the My Acura website, the online owner’s resource where users can get up-to-date info on their vehicles. The app includes how-to videos for a variety of the brand’s in-car technologies as well as vehicle settings, including how to use the Acura Navigation System, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, and personalized settings. You may also retrieve personal info such as radio and navigation security codes. The MyAcura app is currently only available for iPhone, but is free to download from the My Acura web interface.
  • AcuraLink® Roadside Assistance: An extension to Acura’s AcuraLink®, this app features support for the roadside assistance program. The app allows Acura owners to quickly and easily request roadside assistance, towing services, lock-out assistance, tire changes, and fuel delivery. In addition, the app automatically provides GPS location to dispatched support and can provide ongoing real-time updates to users during an emergency event. The service is free to owners still under warranty protection and available for a small fee to those out of warranty. AcuraLink® is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry users and is free to download.
  • Acura Accessories: For Acura owners seeking to accessorize their vehicles, this app offers a full list of all automotive accessories designed, engineered, and tested specifically for Acuras. You are able to watch videos featuring the accessories available for each Acura model, learn about the philosophy behind each, and even see what different features would look like on your particular model! Once you link to your specific dealership, you can check availability, pricing, and schedule a time to have the accessories installed. At this time, Acura Accessories is available just for iPad users, but it is free to download from iTunes.

Although we mentioned the next few apps in our last post, they are apps that will complement the Acura-specific ones listed above.

  • GasBuddy: With the cost of gas on the rise, drivers need to think economically when it comes time to pay at the pump. GasBuddy uses your iDevice’s built-in GPS to locate the nearest gas stations and compare the price of fuel at each. In addition, the app allows you to search by city/zip code in order to find the best prices for areas to which you may be traveling. GasBuddy is available for iDevices and is free to download from iTunes.
  • Car Minder Plus: This is the perfect app for managing all of your car maintenance needs, logging repairs, and tracking fuel economy. Keep track of oil changes, tire rotations and even windshield wipers for multiple vehicles–all while monitoring fuel consumption. The app also syncs with iTunes, so you never have to worry about missing necessary maintenance. In addition, the app allows you to email the service and fuel economy records you have stored for sharing with repair shops/dealerships/buyers, etc. Car Minder Plus is available for the iPhone and costs $2.99 to download from iTunes.

Between the Acura-specific apps and the apps that help you with maintenance and finding the best prices for fuel, Acura owners have a variety of resources available to them to help maintain and protect their investment.

If you’re an Acura owner and have tried any of these apps, let us know what you thought of them in the comments below – as always, we love to hear your feedback!