Essential Smartphone Apps for Nissan Owners

apps for Nissan

Last week, we shared some our list of Essential Smartphone Apps for Acura Owners and this week we’re featuring two apps geared specifically toward Nissan Owners. These apps, both released by Nissan, are great resources for Nissan owners to keep informed on the latest from the manufacturer, as well as manage your Nissan Leaf right from your phone!

  • Nissan Global: Stay up-to-date on all the latest news directly from Nissan, including worldwide, regional and local. This app is designed to provide Nissan owners with updates on the latest technology, upcoming products and even company history. One of the best features in the app is the “Explore” option, which allows users to search by keyword or topic to find information on specific areas of your vehicle. Users can also share news and videos on Facebook and Twitter directly from the app. Nissan Global is available for free on both Android and iDevice platforms.
  • Nissan Leaf: The Nissan Leaf app is designed to help owners manage and control their electric vehicle directly from their Android or iDevice. The app allows users to: check the status of a battery charge, start/stop charging, view estimated driving range on current charges or check how long until a full charge is reached, and control the cabin climate with just a click! Whether you own a Nissan Leaf or are simply interested in electric vehicles, this is a very cool app. The Nissan Leaf app is available for free on both Android and iDevice platforms.

Additionally, there are some third-party apps available for free on iTunes that offer similar features, as well as some additional features.

  • Leaf Energy is essentially an energy calculator for owners to be able to estimate energy needed based on a route, battery temperature, speed, air temperature, elevation and climate control usage.
  • Leaf Link does virtually the same thing as the Nissan Leaf app, but also allows users to send addresses from your Contacts directly to the Leaf’s navigation system, find charging stations on a map, and sync recently visited places with your iDevices.

Although we mentioned these next few apps in one of our prior posts, they are great apps that complement the Nissan-specific ones listed above.

  • AAA Roadside: For car owners that carry AAA, the Roadside Assistance provided by the organization can mean the difference between being stranded somewhere and getting the help you need to get your car back on the road! The good news is that this app makes the process quick and easy:  Just set up a profile within the app and then, in the event of a breakdown, simply select the type of problem and the app contacts a local roadside service technician for quick response. In addition, the app will also confirm your request for assistance, provide information on local AAA-Approved repair shops, connect you to AAA branch offices, view your AAA card, and allow you to speak directly with an AAA representative. The AAA Roadside app is available for iDevices and is free to download from iTunes.
  • Car Locator: Never worry about forgetting where you’ve parked in a crowded parking lot again! With this app, simply drop a pin in the location where you’ve parked your car and let the app worry about getting you back there. In addition, the app features a parking timer, the ability to save notes and photos, and the option to send your current location to another person via phone or email. Car Locator is available for Android devices for $3.99 on Android Marketplace.

We hope that you have found this list of Nissan apps helpful, and we suggest that you give them a try.  Are there any apps out there that you have found useful as a car owner? (Nissan or otherwise?) If so, leave us a comment below sharing the details.

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