Save Money on Your Next Car with the Nissan Military Program

Nissan Military Program discounts for military

Do you remember when you were a little kid in school and your teacher tasked you with writing a letter to a soldier in the military? Perhaps now as an adult you take the time to donate items of need for active military members through a church or local organization. Whatever deed you’ve done to help support our servicemen and women, no matter how small, your contribution probably leaves you with a really good feeling inside. In the same regard, Nissan offers the “Nissan Military Program” to show appreciation for our military members.

Benefits of the Nissan Military Program:

The Nissan Military Program offers people who are, or have been, members of the U.S. military a way to purchase a new car for an affordable price. Active and Reserve U.S. Military, Retired Military (retired from military or who became totally and permanently disabled due to military service), Veterans discharged from active service within the past year, and their spouses and partners, can all benefit from this program.

How to sign up for the Nissan Military Program:

To take advantage of this program, first you must prove that you qualify. Candidates will need:

Those two items are easy enough to come by. The sign-up process is simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Visit the Nissan Military Program website.
  2. Choose your vehicle.
  3. Get your claim ID.
  4. Locate a dealer.
  5. Visit your local dealer and “drive off for less.”

Nissan Military Program process

Bonus savings with the Nissan Military Program:

To sweeten the deal even more, Nissan has made it possible for qualifying candidates to use their military discount in addition to any local dealership incentives. Also, qualifying candidates can pair their military discount with Nissan’s Mobility Assist Program (for service men and women with mobility needs), if need be. We think that’s a pretty great offer—as it should be for our military personnel!

While savings vary depending on the particular Nissan model you decide to apply your military discount to, this program is hands-down a terrific way to save money on a Nissan vehicle AND reward those of you who have served our country!

If you have any questions about what you’ve read in today’s post, please reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. If you know someone who may qualify for the Nissan Military Program, please share this information with them. For all the military men and women reading, thank you for all that you have done or are doing to serve this country. If you ever find your way to Maryland, stop by and see us with your military discount. It would be an honor to help you find a Nissan model that suits your needs.