Nissan “No Cost to Maintain” Car?


Well, not exactly but the folks at Nissan are working very hard to reduce the running costs of their LEAF electric vehicle. For one thing, the exterior is coated with what Nissan describes as a “self-cleaning paint”. This paint, named Ultra-Ever Dry®, is superhydrophobic and oleophobic – which basically means that it repels water and oils. Nissan explains that the coating “creates a protective layer of air between the paint and environment, effectively stopping standing water and road spray from creating dirty marks on the LEAF’s surface”. As a result, the LEAF rarely needs a scrubbing. Buyers in North American can have this technology when choosing a LEAF with white paint. So, now it doesn’t matter that you can’t get that “free car wash with every fill-up”.

Speaking of “fill-ups”, while the LEAF is not a gas-guzzler, it does need filling-up with electricity. However, as a purchase incentive, Nissan is expanding its “No Charge to Charge” program. In selected locations, LEAF buyers will be able to charge their vehicles for free at public charging stations. At the moment, there are 10 of these market areas operating in the U.S. These include San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Oregon., Nashville, Phoenix, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston and Washington, D.C.

Charging a LEAF at one of the over 2,600 charging stations available includes the use of the new EZ-ChargeSM card. Nissan explains that this pioneering charge card “offers Nissan LEAF owners access to five leading EV charging networks with a single card. New owners will receive an EZ-Charge card that will provide access to chargers with ChargePoint, Blink, CarCharging, AeroVironment and NRG eVgo”.

Not located in one of the current operational markets? Just be patient. Within the next year, Nissan is planning to expand this program to at least 15 more locations across the nation.