Nissan: At Home and Abroad


One thing that’s admirable about Nissan is that it sees itself as a global company with global responsibilities. Take its latest humanitarian effort in the Philippines. Nissan has pledged 20 million yen (roughly 200,000 U.S. Dollars) in support of recovery efforts taking place in areas hit by the recent Typhoon Haiyan. Nissan’s support comes in the form of both cash and vehicles.  As a “citizen of the world”, Nissan empathizes with the victims and feels an obligation to join in helping them create a brighter future.  

At home, Nissan is on the lookout for interesting start-ups which can add to their marketing reach. To understand what they’re up to, we can look at their first acquisition, “Stadium Stock Exchange (SSE)”.  SSE has organized a mobile app and a website so sports fans can play fantasy football at the college-level. Nissan feels that the “no fear” factor, as well as the fresh ideas and technologies of the start-ups, will help keep the Nissan design team inspired. In addition, it will give them some new items to incorporate into upcoming vehicle designs. However, back to the football… at the moment, Nissan says that interested players “can find links to Nissan’s Heisman House website planted on both the side and top of several spots on SSE’s site”. 

e-NV200Another futuristic Nissan enterprise is the “e-NV200”, Nissan’s second all-electric vehicle. Estimated to arrive to the Japanese market some time in 2014, the e-NV200 will “take a leaf” out of the LEAF’s book and offer the same roomy interior, usefulness, and practicality. In contrast, the e-NV200 will be a zero-emission vehicle. The e-NV200 will extend the business potential of the LEAF by supplying power in the luggage area (useful for outdoor activities or as emergency power) and an advanced telematics system. Visitors to the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show were able to see the e-NV200 as a reference exhibit in the Nissan booth. 

2014 Nissan RogueStepping back from the future into the now, we arrive at Nissan’s new small cross-over, the all-new 2014 Rogue. The Rogue’s new technologies give an easier and more fun driving experience. Nissan says that the systems, such as Active Trace Control, Active Engine Braking, and Active Ride Control, are “typically what you see on performance-oriented vehicles”. Nissan engineer Matthew Hart describes the effect as a greater ability to “follow the intended path, subtle assistance to help brake more confidently, and more confidence when maneuvering the car”.  

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