Top Automotive Podcasts for Car Enthusiasts

Best Automotive Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time in a long car ride, catch up on news, learn new information, and certainly can make you laugh. For car lovers, there’s no shortage of automotive podcasts to choose from. Whether you like to hear about funny stories from car owners like you, want to learn about DIY auto repair, or simply want to know about the latest news from the auto industry, there’s something for everyone’s interests. If you’re looking for a recommendation, here are some of the best:

General Car Info

  • Driven Car Reviews—New York Times contributor and Emmy award-winning automotive journalist Tom Voelk looks at all things cars.
  • Talking Cars (MP3)—From the world of Consumer Reports with a focus on cars, buying questions, and insights on everything automotive.
  • Everyday Driver Car Debate—The hosts of Everyday Driver answer questions and help viewers find the right car for their needs as well as cover other topics throughout the car industry.
  • Cars Stuff—A closer look at all things automotive; a podcast by
  • The Autoblog Podcast—The podcast by the people who obsessively cover the auto industry.
  • Cruise Control Radio—Includes new car product information, automotive industry news, reviews of vehicles driven by the show’s on-air team, motorsports updates, and collector car information.

Car Repair

  • Car Talk (NPR)—Funny auto mechanics take calls from car owners all over the country and joke while diagnosing the problems. Their diagnoses are always spot-on and hilarious. You don’t have to know anything about cars to enjoy this podcast. Even though Tom Magliozzi, one of the two brothers who co-hosted passed away in November of 2014, the podcast and past episodes is still going strong.
  • Under the Hood—Fun car talk about repair and car issues and free automotive advice.
  • Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself!—In this series, Haynes shows you that maintaining and repairing your vehicles is easier than you think.


  • Fun with Cars—A fresh and informative option for those interested in racing and important news pertaining to the sport.

In addition to podcasts, there are also a great many automotive video casts and YouTube shows you could search if you’re a die-hard car enthusiast. For an extensive list of auto-related podcast and videocasts, check out this resource from PlayerFM.

Do you have a favorite auto podcast? Did it make our list? What other podcasts (or radio shows) do you enjoy listening to in the car? We’d love to hear what helps you pass the time. Feel free to share your feedback with us on Facebook or Twitter.