Where is Your Spare Tire

spare-tire-mainHere at Tischer we want you to be safe and prepared in the event of being left on the side of the road with an unfortunate flat tire. We hope you never need it but let’s explore how to access your spare tire and other flat tire options.

In the Tischer YouTube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibkCp4BIIvU, Marshall demonstrates and shares information on how to access the spare tire and tools on a 2016 Nissan Altima. The spare tire and tools to change the tire are located in the trunk, so to get started just open your truck using your remote or button on your trunk lid. Lift up the carpet and panel and in the bottom of the trunk, you will find a full-size spare tire and all the tools to change the tire. On some of the larger Nissan trucks and SUVS, the tools will be in the trunk, but the tire will be attached underneath the vehicle.

What spare tire options you have will depend on make and model of the car. A full-size spare is a tire that is the same size tire as the other tires on your vehicle. A full-size spare has no restrictions and can be driven with no performance loss allowing you to have your tire fixed at your convenience. Over the years, the full-size spare has steadily disappeared off new cars as manufacturers try to improve fuel economy by reducing the weight of the vehicle. Many manufacturers have switched to temporary spare tires, also known as a ‘donut.’ Temporary spares are smaller than the vehicle’s other tires and are only meant to be driven a short distance to get you a safe area or service center. This spare is lighter making it easier for people to handle and takes up less room in the vehicle. Some vehicles have no spare tire at all but are equipped with run-flat tires. These tires have reinforced sidewalls that allow you to drive up to another 50 miles on the flat tire so you can get safely to a service station. The fastest growing flat tire option on new cars is the tire repair kit. This option is on cars with no spare tire. Instead, you have a repair kit that includes a can of sealant and an air compressor. As long as the tire puncture is on the tire’s tread and not the sidewall, this option will allow you to drive your car a short distance for a full repair. A pro to this option is that you don’t have to change the tire if you’re not capable of doing that on your own; however, a con is that some believe once the sealant is used the tire is no longer good although this has mixed reviews.

When looking for a new car, make sure you know what flat tire options are available. We will be happy to discuss all the options with you and make sure you are informed and prepared. Take a look at what new cars we have available and what spare/flat tire options they have and all the other great features at http://www.tischerauto.com